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Coming soon......Giveaway!

I'm happy to be back here. Sorry It's been a while but I've been without my computer for over a week now and WOW! was I ever lost! I did have my IPad but was not able to post pictures and found that very annoying. Now I have a new Toshiba computer and hope to be back on tract. I've been busy looking up other blogs and I'm going to copy-cat some ideas. I see that lot's of people do give-aways... I think I'll give that a try. So my 25th follower will receive a free gift. Not gonna say what it is right now but it will be something handmade by Moi of course. So....hurry up and spread the word. I  would also appreciate any comments from viewers. I love getting "mail"
     Summer has been very busy and hot here on the coast of Maine...I must say that this humidity is kicking my but. But we've had some relief with the water temp. here at the Atlantic. My hubby and I have been swimming quite often...and our ankles didn't even go numb on us. Very c…