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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brrrrrrr!..........Coast of's

My my my it's been so cold here in the North East. Below 0* temperatures have kept us in. Way too cold to get out there. This is the first time I can remember seeing ice on the Webhannet River. It's been there all week and no sign of it going away none too soon.
My son came up today with my 2 granddaughters and we had a great time. Princess A always love to make english muffin pizzas with Memere. So of course that's what we did. Princess V has a dairy allergy therefore there's no cheese on hers so chose pickles instead......that's what it's all about....adding whatever they want.

That's how memories are made. They also ate chips dipped in ketchup....tastes like
french fries you know!!! These are known as "precious moments"

I had some leftover fabric from the nap mats that I made them and decided that their dolls or Teddy's needed them as well. When they came today that was their surprise.

Miss V was taking very good care of the baby doll and the Teddy....she is so precious. Love those two little girls soooo much.

Not sure if I mentioned it or not but since the first of the year Hubby has been busy creating a little spot into the eaves up-stairs so that we could gain a little more space. Well it's finally done and Miss A found it to be very relaxing. She had her blanket her teddy and her Ipad and layed back and did a little quiet time. I think it was a hit. Both the girls loved it.

This has been a very good day!
Love you girls!
Gotta get outta here and get my knitting needles clicking,
get into my jammies and hit my recliner.
So until we meet again.
stay warm.
Bon Soire a bientot.
Send some mail my way!
Purses for the girls.
Also thought I'd show you these cute little purses
I made for the girls.
They look rather large here but they're only 5" wide.
They liked wearing them around their neck.
Miss A exclaimed..."Look Memere, it fits just perfect!"
I added a pkg of tissues, a tiny notebooks and some
life savers!
Wow! What a treat.
By now they may be on a sugar -overload!
It's great to be that young!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Finished Projects.............knit, knit and more knit

I know it's been a bit since I've been here
but as you'll see
I've been a bit busy.
Started out with yet another
Ladies lunch.
Well, winter is here and some of our friends
will soon be leaving to head south
so one last get-together
was in order.
As you can see
a great time was had by all.
Lot's of laughs
lot's of wine
lot's of fun
and oh yeah!
great food.
Thanks so much goes out to JayC
for hosting this little gathering.
Also got around to completing some of my projects.
My sock are done and started on a new pair.
Now I must confess
the first pair (or top) I'm  not happy with because they don't
hold their shape. And the second pair, the green ones
I'm going to give away as I made them too tight!
What was I thinking!!!
At least the Fairisle sweater and skirt that I made for AG
turned out pretty good. Looks good on
and with her ice skates she's readyto go hit the ice.
With this cold spell here in Maine she may need a headwarmer
and maybe even a pair of leg warmers.hmm..maybe some tiny mittens?! 
We'll see.
It's been great chatting with you tonight and please don't forget
I LOVE MAIL and comments
so please gimme a little.
Till we meet again.....Bon Soire !

Friday, January 11, 2013

What a find...............and some of my WIP on my little wooden needles.


I just love this little picture here. I found it on my FB page...
and it just says it all.
Well after ripping out a wall
and trying to renew old memories
we were able to finally take this chest
out from behind the eves.


It's been there a long time and I think it was put there
before the walls were even done as we had to take the top off
to get it o
ut through a small little hole.

I've been sick since Saturday
and so I've kept yarn on my wooden needles
and working on some of my WIP's.
I found that my Works In Progress Socks were in need of
my attention. So I plan on getting them finished so that
I can get on with another pair.
These are from my favorite sock pattern
and they're
Classic Socks.
Very easy to follow and also give you
lot's of options on ndl size and yarn type.
I bought some Plymouth Encore last year and look forward to turning it into another pair of socks.
Also doing another sweater for Bitty.
After all her wardrobe only consists of 4 handmade diapers
and a few summer dresses. It's cold out there.

My friend JoC is now hooked on her knitting needles.
I taught her to knit a year or so ago.
Really, I hoped it would fill a void.
She had recently lost her husband to an aweful accident.
As soon as she picked up that yarn it was true love.
Her favorite things to make are socks.
Her goal is to have nothing but hand knit socks in her drawer.
She has over made a couple of sweaters.
I suggested that she use
Yankee Knitter Designs
Roll Raglan Pattern.


I got up this morning and decided that I would edit
this blog post.....and voila!
I am able to pull up these pictures.
I should be on a roll...hopefully.

Feeling a lot better....7 days of this crappy feeling and not
getting much accomplished so today
I think I'll try to get some housework done.

Till we meet again.....have a great weekend!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goodbye 2012........

I don't mind telling you that I for one am not sad to see 2012 head on out. Lot's of tears...and too many lows to mention. There were however some wonderful pleasant surprises that made it worth the while. But revoire a bientot.

Put Santa away for another year. Isn't he just the cutest? He's so old his poor arm doesn't work like it should..can't quite ring the bell like he did.
We did however  get his eyes to light up. This old gent was here when we moved in safely tucked away in his original packageing.
So away went the rest of the decorations...and the hand painted christmas balls.

All the projects were completed in time. I took some pictures of the AG doll furniture for my little one. I think it came out pretty good. She just loved them. Now she wants to keep them up in her room.

Now that the holiday stuff is over I can focus on doing more knitting. I decided that Bitty Baby needed some winter clothes so out came the yarn and needles and here's what developed.

She also has a pair of purple fleece pants with feet and a scarf to match. Just so happens she got whisked off on the weekend. So my needles now hold yarn for a Faire Isle sweater for her.

 This is a pattern I bought from Rosemary's Gift & Yarn Shop in Windham, Me. She's so cute eh? I'm making it in light pink as the MC with White as the CC. Wish me luck
That's it for now and a HUGE Thank You
for helping me out with the kinks in this blog. 
Till we meet again...(sounds like a song my Mom used to sing)
and hopefully it won't be as long.