Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Wait for it!,

Where have I been you ask! Gosh I didn't realize how long I was away. 
Thanks so much for asking.
We've had a very busy summer and I have lots to tell you about.
I don't have the time right now
But I will be back...
So wait for it!



Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Feeling like a Big Girl......

With tea in hand I welcome you all! I sure hope you'll sit for a while
and enjoy your time with me. 
I noticed that my last post earned me 59 readers and new "followers". 
I thank you!
Before I forget again I don't want to leave out the appliqué project I mentioned.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
These are the mug mats I was working on. I enjoyed making them and love the fabric I used for  the backing. I like it so much so that I made a few masks with it as well as other items.
I plan on making a few more mats.
I am on to making this little thread catcher using fabric scraps and a recycled plastic cup that the icing comes in Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Yup! You got it! I don't throw too much away.
No judging!

Can you see the plastic cup? I plan on adding a little embroidery on it and it will have a lid on it. That's what the circles are.
The vase with flowers were from my other half and the bunnies I made a few years ago.
It was a wonderful Easter!
We finally able to visit with my kids and grand kids with lots and lots of hugs.  It was a full house but oh so enjoyable! On Sunday we got to see our daughter and her family. We met Ellie for the first new grand dog is precious. I would have taken her home.
I felt like a " grown-up" venturing out on my own. So happy to have received our 2nd vaccine! 

What's in the oven you ask..
Well I decided to try my hand at whoopee pies. I'm not much of a fan as I think they are too dry.
But this recipe was pretty moist and I used a peanut butter filling. 
I must admit they were pretty tasty.

The next time I make these I will use a smaller scoop. 

Before I end this I just want to thank all of you for  spending your time with me...
I am so grateful for all of you.
A Bientot for now
But I will be back soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

What is Bergamot a plant a tea or a bread?

Earl Grey Tea Cake

 Can you answer that question or are you confused?

Hello and welcome! I have my tea ready and will be enjoying some home made tea bread along with it.

So today I made Earl Grey Tea Cake Earl Grey Tea Cake with a honey citrus glaze. 
An herbal plant used in teas and flavorings. I have to admit I did some research. I'm sure many of you have enjoyed the's certainly one of my favorites. A citrus flavor of limes but I didn't know that the plant can be many flavors. Hum!
Intereating......anyhow I added more lime juice and grated limes. The glaze is very sweet and interesting.
Was I a fan? Not really. Not going to be making it again was bland for my liking but by all means if you're inclined to do some baking by all means do try it out and let me know what you think.
This weeks I made the onion bread recipe that Cathy gave me. Obviously I tweaked it up a bit. Omitted the poppy seeds and added garlic and rosemary.
It was a hit! (No picture maybe next time)

2nd vaccine done and we couldn't be happier. So looking forward to seeing my family and showering them with hugs...and my friends...yippee!

On a final note I have a few more watercolor flowers to add to the out going happy mail. Be sure to check your snail box.

Also decided to make a few appliqué mug mats. This is the first one and not sure what the next one will be. If you have any suggestions be sure to let me know.
A Bientot for now....looking forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Recipies...Let's talk family favorites.

Hello! Welcome your tea ready? I have mine and today it will be Earl Grey.... and did you know that there is a Tea Bread recipe that includes Earl Gray as an ingredient along with sounds delicious eh? I may have to give it a try. This week a made Lemon bread with a lemon glaze....very tangy. I use lots of lemon and for the glaze I use fresh squeezed lemon juice with powdered sugar.
My intent was to make poppy seed bread but MR said he didn't like all those little black seeds in his bread. Well! By all means let's keep them out! Lol.
I believe the reason for his dislike of the seeds was due to the onion bread I had made earlier. Poppy seeds were also in it. It sure was good.
Are you thinking that's all I do is cook or bake? Gosh I'm thinking the same. I am easily influenced by my "chat" group and they have been doing the same.

Before I go on one of my Vt girls DY has captured this photo of her new friend while out on a walk. When she comes upon him he just stops in his tracks and stares while she talks to him!
I believe he thinks "what a Foxy Lady" but what is she doing?. She says he stays staring until he's tired of listening.  Now how beautiful is this animal.
So this friend is also  a wonderful rug hooker so I think she could hook this picture of him. Hum!? I Wonder if she's given him a name?  *Thank you for allowing me to use your photo.

Sprouts...let's get an update on how they are doing. 
From start to finish. On Friday I placed roughly a tsp of seeds in a jar. Rinsed and drained them. Here is what they looked like.
Those broccoli seeds are so tiny.
You can see how they have opened and the sprouting has begun.
It is amazing how quickly you can have fresh sprouts for your salad or my favorite on tuna salad on slices of artisan bread. Now I won't bore you with day by day progress i will skip to Sunday. 9 days and voila! We have sprouts.
If you have not tried this at home go ahead and give it a go! Any questions give me a shout!  *I was planning on sharing some with you JJM...but you were in and out to fast.

Let me tell you about a family Favorite Recipe....Stuffed Steak.
The first time having this was at my Mother-in-law's..better known as Mémère Yvonne. Never had heard of it. Take a lg London broil steak with a pocket sliced into it and stuff it with ground pork along with onion and spices. I use pretty much the same method I would if making pork pies. (Another favorite) Secure it with string or nails....bakes for 2 to 3 hrs at 325*. Yummy! My husband's idea.
We have not had this in quite a while and I must say it was well worth the wait. Give it a try....
I regret to say I didn't get the chance to shoot it when it came out of the oven.

One last note...I have not completed Saundra's challenge but I hope to get it done today. Certainly not an easy one hence the name challenge. I know you're not surprised...I did say I would be pulling up the rear with this.
 Remember when i asked if you could guess who sent me the Rod Stewart song Have I told you lately? No one got it was not my SIL but it was my Son. How
Gotta run and thank you again for being here.
Be sure to leave a comment then check your mail box for Happy Mail.
A Bientot....Donna

Sunday, February 28, 2021

I could shout it from the rooftop!!

Let me open by saying I love this image and the quote. I found it to be so appropriate for you (s) and I. 
Happy Sunday  and again I welcome you to sit and sip for a! I made a rhyme! 
I can't believe I was able to keep this from you all week but on Monday I received THE call. That's right Maine Health was calling to schedule our vaccine apt..she (a very nice lady) asked if we had a preference for the location and time. Option was Friday evening or the same day at 5:30! Well that was a no brainer! I was also able to schedule for both of us! I was so excited I could have kissed her! And I told her so....she started laughing and said that she is told that quite often throughout the day! One person offered "a big sloppy wet kiss"! Um that would be a NO!
Here it is....over and done till the 2nd dose of Pfizer. Damn I was so relieved...and feel like things are finally looking up. I guess there are  perks for being old! I. Think we are that much closer to having some what normal summer...fingers crossed.

I started some sprouts after a discussion with my hooker friends...doing broccoli sprouts and lentils.
above are the broccoli after 2 days.....they have started to sprout
these are the lentils and they have also begun to sprout. I should probably be able to enjoy some by next weekend....

I chose to join the challenge over at Saundra at Woodland Junction....the tulip called my name so I'm gathering up fabric and doing color planning. What the hay did I get myself into?....a mixture of textures but no wool....I should check if this challenge has a due date as I'm certain I will be last to complete. No pictures to share yet. I do enjoy seeing progress from the others. Very nice.

This is a short post...don't have much to share....I hope you enjoyed your tea with me. Keep an eye open for "happy~mail" telling who will be the next to receive snailmail from me. Be sure to share a comment.
I thank you so much for being here with are much appreciated! 
A Bientot! 

Monday, February 22, 2021

It's tea time again

Yes, it's that time go ahead and make yourself a cup of tea. I'll wait for you and we'll share a few moments together.
Can you believe February is nearly over...gosh it seems like it just arrived. But on a positive note this means spring is just around the corner. I can't wait. I sure hope we can get together with family and's been way too long. I miss them. We are in the same boat...I know that in fact I thought about "Roomie" all day today because she and Dave had plans to see their daughter and grand daughter....oh gosh I sure hope they had a wonderful day...I am a bit envious.

Speaking of grands....I received a new picture of my grand "puppy ". Have I introduced you to Miss Ellie?
Oh yes I believe I did in a previous post...,,how flippin cute is she?! She's getting to be a big girl....going out alone without a leash...returns and waits at the door to come back in. What a good girl...hopefully I'll get to meet her soon. 

It's been bitter cold and snowy but we've had some beautiful sunsets.
I  never get tired of seeing them. Many of my friends post sun rises and they are stunning as well but I can't seem to get this butt out of bed to enjoy them.

My time is still being spent painting watercolors, doodling and cutting items to add to "happy mail". My anxiety level is not so high when working with this medium...very relaxing. Here is an example

A new project to try my hand at....crochet granny squares. I'm not much at crochet but recently as I scan my craft sites I've come across many with gorgeous colors and squares so I had to give it a shot. Here I go ....
this is what I accomplished in 1 weekend! 
Not very colorful but its just practice.
Here is what Jess did in the same amount of time.
I love all the colors. ! Some day!

Well I've come to the end of this post and I hope you've enjoyed our little chat. My tea is cold now so I will leave you with this. I hope you enjoy the remainder of this month and I thank you again for being here....
A Bientot!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February is here.........

Its time to sit relax and enjoy a cup of tea with me while I rant. 

Welcome, so happy you're back. What a weekend...should we talk about that Super Bowl?  Brady? Gronk? AB? I know some of you are not Brady fans...but be honest...what a guy! Even the so called professionals could not predict that outcome! 
Ok that's all I'll say about that. I should tell you about my baking experience...well not so much baking as frosting. I'm an ok daughter says "not so much" but I am an absolute klutz when it comes to frosting. Last week I made chocolate cupcakes and decided to try my hand at adding peanut butter here is where it gets crazy. Kind of like a skit on SNL. So picture this..
1●  Frosting is all made and about to fill that little plastic bag. "Damned this looks intimidating" but "I can do this".
2● Spoon some frosting in the bag and realize i don't have the tip in. Trying to hold on to this very flimsy bag I start to remove it....oh no! Now I have frosting on my fingers and my spoon!
3● This bag sucks.....but I get the tip in.
4● Filled the bag right to the top  finally and then I find i did NOT leave room at the end to twist the bag.........
Should I go on or can you picture the rest? I had more frosting on me and everywhere else. It sure tasted good as I liked it off my fingers...after all can't have it go to waste!
So here are my cupcakes. 
I got them to look somewhat presentable but don't look too close. But all in all Roomie was right...peanut butter frosting on chocolate cake....yummy!
Speaking of my Roomie look what came in the Happy Mail
Now i can't remember the last time I received a Valentine card! How about you?
this also came in the mail along with my Happy Hooker necklace.  Gosh! I sure have some wonderful and caring friends. ❣ During these trying times I am so grateful to have you in my know who you are.

Well thank you once again for sitting through this with 6th sense is kicking in so that'll be it for now. I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy.
A Bientot for now....keep checking your snail box and remember I love hearing from you with your comments. 
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Wait for it!,

Where have I been you ask! Gosh I didn't realize how long I was away.  Thanks so much for asking. We've had a very busy summer and I...