Thursday, November 19, 2020

More Ewes......


A great big Hello!
Here I am. Hope you'll join me in a cup of tea. It's been a hell of a time...sit in wait..sit in wait! Just something else to add to this dreadful year! But all is good now and if I had to find a silver lining out of it  its that I've was able to complete a cable knit beanie in one day! Hooray for me.

Brrrr! It's getting mighty chilly...woke this morning to 20* temp. Good thing I was able to deliver most of the hats that I was knitting....they will get worn for sure. Also got to see my little ones...what a smile that gave me. Love them and miss them terribly. 
How flippin cute are those sheep in my top photo?! So they are now a new addition to my friend's family. She sent me this picture to introduce me to them. Now mind you she is not a knitter and in no way associated with any fiber arts of any sort. She found them in a catalogue and fell in love....and who wouldn't? They get to sit by her window and gaze out at the ocean all day and trust me when I say they have a magnificent view. Occasionally thy get to see the horses that come down and ride the beach. What a life!
Wouldn't you love to have a Ewe in your home? Well let me introduce you to Violet! 
VIOLET and her flock are waiting for you visit my friend  Pam. For you fiber enthusiasts they can be any color you choose. As you can see one was made using coiled strips of wool called "quillies" and Violet is sporting some fun yarn. How check out Pam's site for prices and ideas...Ewe too can have a flock in your living room.

                      "Creativity takes Courage "~Henri Matisse 

In these trying times we all  need a little courage so let your creative juices flow!
As you know I've been keeping myself busy creating watercolor cards. My current ones are  Christmas greeting cards. I think I may also add tags. I'm hoping to sell some.
Here is a preview...would love some feedback. 
How are you being creative? Will you be courageous and creative for Thanksgiving? Can't wait to hear all your ideas.

Well Adieu...gotta run...sure hope you're all doing well and thanks so much for spending time with me...forever grateful!
A Bientot...

Sunday, November 8, 2020

It's about ewe and me!

Hello! Are you there? Oh good I was worried I wouldn't have anyone to talk to.  Well, I mean someone other than my husband. Love him dearly but damn it would be nice to have someone else to vent to. Talk crafts, exchange knitting patterns, show the excitement of newly purchased yarn, (oh no! Can't do that! ) or share recipes,  you I now what I mean right? He pretends that he's quite interested but hum not so much!
I think this says it all.....this was posted on fb and had to share it here!

So speaking  of "Ewe", I've completed another hat. This one is for my youngest grand. She's a first grader and a bit of a spitfire to say the least. "No pink" she says "cause I'm not a girly girl"! Wow! So I came across this color and thought it perfect.
yes it really is bright lime green with a black pompom on top. Sure hope she likes it. Now on to my next one. This is a commissioned had....and should be done soon.
 A Plymouth Yarn "Homestead" i purchased at my LYS~The Yarn Sellar, York Maine. 100% wool. I  found it with the help of an employee and friend  Mizz T.

As a friend she is very generous in sharing her vast knowledge of anything textile..she posted a picture on fb of this wonderful fleece  purchased from Nash Island Yarns. Yarn from an Island off the coast of Maine. What an interesting read with rich history. Sheep are the only inhabitants on this island Nash-island-sheep-sheering I sure hope that I've added this link correctly because I know you'll enjoy it. The picture is of the fleece that she is spinning.  That's right she's a "spinner" as well as a "hooker". Spinning fleece is one thing I've not attempted though I would like to try....on a drop-spindle not a spinning wheele! Hell I have enough hobbies and equipment as it is!
 What a wonderful nice to do a social distance with friends on the beach.
The weather was perfect and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
Couldn't want for a better November so far.
Now let me ask you....was it really warm enough to go paddleboarding? No I think not!
But here you have it.....the view in my back yard
Only for the young!
I received a wonderful little momento from my favorite neighbor. She's just so thouhhtful!
 We didn't get any snow here but that's a view of things to come.
So I guess I had a lot to can wake up now!! Thanks so much for being here i am so appreciative. 
A Bientot!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

No clever title catch phrase header!

Bonjour! And welcome once again. No need to pour a spot of tea, a cup of Java or a drink as you won't be here long. I really don't have much to say because damned there is nothing to talk about. Its the same old complaints about Covid19 and Social distancing.....and politicians and political phone calls!  Sick of it all as I'm certain you all feel the same. Let's stay positive. I've  changed my mind go ahead a grab yourself a drink....its all good.
On a happy Christmas cactus is jumping the gun a bit and already in bloom!
I think it's confused but that's ok because it sure puts a smile on my face and makes me a happy girl! 
Something else that makes me smile are these beautiful flowers my husband gave me for our 51st Anniversary on Saturday. Wow! That's a long time together.
I am lucky and proud to have made it this long. After all we did get married in 69! I can't imagine my life without him. Ok...enough for this "sappiness".
Something else that makes me happy is this "happy mail" that I've been making.
It sure puts a smile on my face when I gather up all these pieces of patterned papper or pieces I have painted....scrapbook papers..ribbons, threads and anything else I come across. I hope that as my recipients get them it puts a smile on their faces as well.Here is a sneak peek of what's to hit the US Mail soon. Shhhh! Don't tell..I want them to be surprised.
As you see my time is made up of crafts....any sort of craft. My watercolors and brushes have been keeping me busy also. Making more cards. A friend has asked me to make a few sets of 6 that she can buy and give as gifts. Yeah! Sounds good to me. Here are some examples of my current cards.
I enjoyed working on these cards because these colors make me happy.
Another happiness is knitting hats to make some young folks very warm while playing outside this winter. Nice warm cabled knit hats with faux fir pompoms. When shopping around  for hats I noticed the sweet little leather tags that were attached. Hum! I can make them! And voila! 
As of now I've completed 7 hats...!
After editing this post I've decided I should have given it a different heading....
       "What makes me Happy....and puts a smile on my face!"
Thanks so much for being here you are much appreciated. I look forward to your comments....who knows you may find "happy mail" in your snail mail box!
A Bientot!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

It's that time again....and my omissions.

                                                         Hello! Bonjour!
Again I welcome you to my tiny place in the world. It's early so grab a seat and a coffee or tea for some of you and relax. Let me ramble while trying to give you a few chuckles.
Yes, it is that time of the year again where I grab my knitting needles and yarn and start on some new projects. It's all about hats right now and trying to diminish my stash. It's way too full! HEHEHE! That's according to you know who...not me! If you're a knitter you know it's  never enough....or you don't have the right color or weight. Plus I'm a very tactile person so if I see yarn or fabric and it feels really soft and squishy.....its in the cart! But i am doing my best at not buying anymore till this stash is down a bit. Hum!
Starting with this purple bulky wool....and turned out quite large. It'll be great for someone with loads of hair or a big head! Oops!
As i started this i also captured a shot of my all time favorite knit soxs. I devided and combined  leftover yarn into 2 balls and these are the results." Do they match?"  you ask. Hell no! What's the sense of knitting your own socks if they're not "original"! So have fun with them. 
These next hats are also from my stash. This one is called School Colors.
and this one is called Woolie Warm. Yes I used 2 strands of wool and size 13 ndl.
It will withstand a New England Snowstorm! 
Now on to my next one...another leftover ball of wool but with only 1 strand and #7 ndl. Cable Knit Cap. I've made this hat many times before and it fits nicely and snug. I enjoy doing cables. They're a bit intimidating at first but you have to jump right in. You say " but I don't have cable needles!" Not to worry cause I came across the same situation. I found a small dowel in my craft area....cut it tithe length I wanted, in this case 4" to 5" then ran it through my electric pencil sharpener on both ends. To smooth it out I rubbed it over my washable nail file/buffer. The soft ones that have afine grit and a course grit. Worked like a charm.
Here is my progress...should have it done today. My friend in Vt is knitting up hats as well and she's ordered faux fur pompoms for the hats so I'll do the same. Just call me copycat. 
So you know me...i can't be working on just one project. I'll give you a sneak peek but shh don't breathe a word because some people (friends, acquaintances,  followers or people that read and follow) this blog may find them in their mailbox. Happy Mail!

Let me just tell you how much fun I am having with this.....tell you more later,
So about my "omission". I was reminded that in my last post there was no mention of my favorite drink.
That's the flavor of the season....and oh my it's yummy. My gal pal Miss J enjoyed a taste together. Cheers!
So with that I bid you A Bientot!
Thanks again for being you guys and remember I look forward to hearing from you.....comments always welcomed. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Wait! It's OCTOBER already!!!

Have you been waiting long??! I've been away on search party trying to find my sanity....and I'm not convinced I found it...and here it is October! The air is crisp and the landscape is vibrant in colors of reds yellow gold orange and rust. Shades of greens and browns add to their warmth. I do live on the coast, southern Maine actually, and you don't associate the beaches with Fall colors. However when we glance towards the west we have a gorgeous view of the tops of inland trees. Beautiful sight!
I do like these warm colors...and like working with in the pumpkins that i appliqued and imbroidered...hooked and needle felted.
This is a pumpkin I made with some beautiful velvet.
And also my pocket that is hung on my front door filled with twigs leaves and bittersweet. 
I really enjoyed hooking this. I'm about to start on another applique pattern. 
How about these pumpkins that were hand blown by the son of a dear friend.
Just beautiful wouldn't you say?
I recently read a news letter from a dear friend who owns a hooking studio. She's about to reopen for small classes....want to wish her the best with all that is going on. It is a great read...head on over to her site.
woolen pear. Also our hooking group over at Camp Wool has started up again with a maximum of 6 people. Unfortunately it's not in me yet to chance it not with the increases of the virus. Another Hooking retreat slated for January has been canceled. Things don't seem to be improving too much in fact they're looking pretty dim.
I noticed quite a few are reading this blog and I thank you so much for that. I also enjoy and encourage your comments.
No much to say so A Bientot for now.

Friday, September 18, 2020

My Tribute to Star Island

Hello and Welcome!  Hope you have time to grab a beverage and sit with me a while.  Let me share with you how I'm feeling this week. "Why this week?" you ask. Well this would have been my 5th year going out to Star Island, Isles of Shoals for our Rug Hooking Retreat! Obviously because of Covid19 it was canceled. How sad that we were not able to reconect with friends old and new. Now we have next year to look forward to. Those of you who know me know how it was a blessing  i was able to join my bestie Cathy and Pam Bartlett the retreat organizer out to Star. I can't say enough about our time out there. Such a magical and spiritual place with loads of history. The friends I've met I feel confident  they will be lifelong friends. Every evening this week i burned this candle in memory of what could have been.

On a happier note i must gush about the purchase i made a couple weeks ago. Yes...a rug hooking floor frame. At first I thought it was Cheticamp Frame but now I don't believe it is. I sprayed it all down with alcohol let it settle in then cleaned it really well. The rug that is on it was removed because it was dirty and smelled awful.  Not knowing where it had been or where it came from i decided to wrap it up and throw it away. With all that's going on i didn't feel i could take sny what do you think? I just love it...and the fact that I only paid $10 for it...what a find. I've been spending more time hooking. On to my 4th riser..Happy Hooker am I.!
Still cooking up a bunch...
I roasted more tomatoes and made roasted tomato soup. We had it for dinner last night and it was delicious.
Well once again i thank you so much for being here with me...i so enjoyed your company and would like to give you a virtual hug. It's almost time to harvest my horseradish. One of you said you would like some plants for your own....but no name.  If you're interested please leave me your name & address and I'll be sure to get some out to you.
Later...A Bientot

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Good Bye Summer of 2020!

Or should I say "The Summer that wasn't"!!!!
Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Grab a beverage,coffee, tea, wine, G&T (I won't judge) and visit for a bit.
As you can see and from my last post we sure had a bounty of tomatoes. Been passing them out to neighbors and friends. Some of you have requested recipes. Here is the tomato pie recipe.

 I hope you can read it. One of my favorites. I can never get enough of this.
The Apple cake-
or go to
Blueberry Muffins-
Thanks for asking...Enjoy!
I'd like to give a shout out to Joyce SS...if you're reading this please send me PM with your address.
That's about it for now...thanks for stopping by. I love getting mail so don't hesitate to leave me a comment.
Thank you....A Bientot!
One last note...1 yr ago Labor Day I had the pleasure of meeting a Mom and her 3 children, young adults really. I just fell in love with them. They since have become a very important part of my family. My love for them grows daily. I am proud and happy to have them in my to you guys.

More Ewes......

Pam A great big Hello! Here I am. Hope you'll join me in a cup of tea. It's been a hell of a time...sit in wait..sit...