Tired of Winter!!

Seriously!? Is anyone else as tired of winter as I am?? Of course you are....we all are.
I don't mean to sound insensitive
i know others have had worse devastation here
and all along the coast. The power of water in incredible.
So to those who have lost property my heart goes out to you.

Well now that all this sickness has left this house,
that's right the flu and then the shingles
i am now back to my hobbies.
A small group of us get together at our LWS
to visit and so some hooking. Feels good to be back at it.
I am working on my Cottage rug but did not get the chance to get
a shot of my progress. Will do that next time.
I am however working on some needle punch projects.
I want to show you what I've come up with for my frame.

What i did was add it to an extra lazy susan that i was no longer using.
It works fabulously. I can set it either on my lap or on a table and punch away.
Now i'd like to come up with something i can add beneath the frame to hold some of
my threa…

From the Heart!

After popping back here for a look i realize my last time was when i was when i was getting ready to head back out to Star Island. My Gosh! What a magical place! Leave it all behind and reflect on all the good in my life! I am so blessed to have my "Roomie" by my side. She will never know how much her friendship means to me!
Speaking of friends, I feel that I have made life-long friends from this new endeavor of mine. RugHooking has introduced me to such wonderful ladies. Aside from being Creative, Artistic, Talented, they ALL are very giving, caring and sharing with both ideas and their time. You know who you are ladies!!
A picture of a few of us visiting Cushing's after our return
from Star Island retreat.

I have so many wonderful pictures from our retreat i only wish i could add all of them.

This is The Art Barn and at some point I would love to hook it.
Also at some point I would love to make a photo book of my time spent at this retreat. So much to d…

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

Busy...Busy...Busy! That's right this summer was jam packed with family, friends, food and fun. I guess you could say the 4 F's. (Hehehehe). Hubby and I loved all of it.
It started out with days spent with the grandkids.

Always such a joy to have them around.
Always so much fun.

Beach time
and kissing

Then a visit from relatives from the DC area.
Lot's of laughs!

Visit from my surrogate son and friends.

Summer Camp at Riverhurst Farm where I got to spend hours playing and horseback riding. I've never had the opportunity to attend a Summer Camp so this was my first time! Would you believe me if I said  I will be back!

Also I had the pleasure of introducing my son to some of the horses at the stables. Here he is with Mejia. (sp) Debra her owner was so kind and answered lots of question from my very inquisitive son. I'd love to get him on one and come for a ride with me!

My young friends here accompanied me and as you can see
fell in love with these girls.

My n…

more snow days....more projects

Snow days...snow days. I sure hope this weather comes to a halt sometime soon because... these snow days are not good for my heath! First I made a huge pot of chicken stew with lots of veggies a very hearty meal. Decided it needed something special to dip into so i made a batch of biscuits.  The next day i made homemade pizza with onions red peppers and bacon bits. (Thanks for that Miss Jones...its your fault!) The following day i needed something sweet so I made a cranberry orange nut bread.

The real reason for this bread was that I didn't want to be out done by my girl over at Acorn Hollow!
A while ago one of my knitting friends came over to show me that her son had bought her a set of wood sock blockers. Oh My! What a nice gift! Have always wanted a set for my home made socks. After looking at them I decided that I could make a set myself. That's know what's coming next! I brought the project to my husbands attention and it just so happens he had some extr…

Snow Day!

Do you remember when we were kids and school was called off for a snow day? Gosh! The good ole days... Well nothing has changed...I gave myself a day off today. That's really because i couldn't have gone out even if I wanted to. This is my view this morning.....the visibility was non existent.

So it was at this point i decided that these projects should be tackled So kicking up my feet ( that's right I'm wearing a pair of knit-felted slippers made by yours truly.) i grabbed a U.F.O

 I have a stash of P.I.G.S down stairs in my hide-away and its time to get working on some.
Ok...I'll tell you projects in grocery bags!

 I can't take the credit for that one I stole it from a  lady in a knitting group on Facebook.
Here is another one of the projects that I started humm some time ago.!!! Stuck! I'm lost as to what they want me to do next.
  Here is the pattern. If any of you reading this blog have made this tote I sure would appreciate some guidance.
That's …

A bit of a walk down memory lane....

Wow! On Saturday Papa and Mémère got to watch our little guy play basketball. Oh my! That was so much fun. He will be our little JOCK! He is so focused and does a great job dribbling and shooting this brought me right back to when my son played so as you guessed it I was all chocked up and brought me to tears.

Now how stinking cute is he?!

This week I was finally able to complete Miss A's 1st hooked project.  
Now mind you she designed and hooked this all by herself. I gave her the choice of how we could complete it and she chose a "stuffie".

So that's what I did. 
What do you think?

I gave him a scarf and a little bell. We facetime'd the other night so I could show it to her and she screeched with delight. That was a happy girl!!
I was going through my wine stash the other night and what a surprise to find one of my favorite wines. 
Yes! Yes! Yes! And here is my second still down memory lane. I brought this bottle home from visiting my neice in California. One o…