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so much going on.......

I can't believe its been so long since my last post but as you'll see I've been busy. Sunsets have been stunning and we've had some great weather. I finally got to bring the little ones over to the sand bar. They really enjoyed it and jumped right in. I can't wait till they come back so we can go back.
 I feel so bad when i watch the renters on their last day of vacation. the 4 boys are always so sad....but now they can look forward to next year. The 4th has come and gone and i never did wish you all a good one. So better late than never. Happy 4th of July.

This summer we had a first here at the cottage. Last week we had a couple renew their vows here in the back yard. It was a surprise to everyone.... they had a beautiful day. Kids playing in the pool...thats what I like to call it. I love watching the kids playing in this mud.. they always have such a good time.

 This is t for now....I'll try to be back sooner next time. Thank you all for reading my posts an…