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Crafts, crafts and mor e crafts......

How the heck do I get myself into these things. It's not enough that I have incomplete
projects but then I go and start more.....I guess I'm just not happy unless I have a dozen or so going at a time. Last year I bought this really cute kit that I wanted for Christmas. Got it @keepsakequilting in Center Harbor. I thought it was so darn cute. However when I got home I realized it was way too small so I had my trusty "partner" enlarge it up for me. not only was it too small but it was NOT a kit! That's was only the pattern and it had NO now off I go to get wool. So after all the rigmarole I just set it down and there it stayed. But it's now another year and and going to work on it. I will get it done for Christmas and I think it will make a cute little pillow.

So did you see the snow last week! What was that about! So glad that it did not stick around....not quite ready for it yet. But now I do have to admit that I love the first…

Home made Granola

I have a few minutes here so I'd like to share my recipe for granola. Have fun with it. I do. It seems that I never really make it the same. I sometimes add more pecans and keep the almonds out.....or the walnuts. It's also really good with maple syrup or even molasses in place of the honey. After it's cooked and cooled I store it in a large glass jar so we can grab some to add to our yogurt or cereal.

I keep mine pretty simple but if I'm giving it as a gift...which I have done for Christmas. I put it in a mason jar and add a fabric top with ribbon around it and I tag with the ingredients., then I will add some chocolate or white chips...M&M's, dried fruit or whatever you think your family or friends would enjoy. Now I don't cook these, I add them after it's cooked and dried. It makes great gift. Another idea I had one year was to place about a cup full in a cellophane bag and then also add an envelope of hot chocolate mix to the bag along with m…

Granola and Circle skirt...........................

Now that's quite the title. It's been a bit since I last posted but I can assure you that I've done a lot more that make granola and sew a circle skirt. As far as cooking goes I've made some "sticky buns" from a recipe on Pinterest made with Pillsbury's Grands
MMMMMM! They were so good. Then Hubby decided
that they would be even better if I added
apples to the recipe. So......................
I checked out more recipes and
found some that looked great.
That will be tomorrow's breakfast. There's a method to my madness however.
I figure that if I he has those for breakfast he won't be
too disappointed when I go off tomorrow morning a check out
the craft fairs in the area. might work.
Ok so I also made his favorite

We go through so much of it...I make a huge batch once a month.
But it's yummy....if anyone want the recipe I'd be happy to type it up and have it here.
Just send me a note.
Well, we survived Hurrica…