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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Works in progress.......

Here we are another stormy weekend...
When will this end? And now they're saying another
storm mid-week.
Gotta love living in New England.
Had a nice surprise visit from the kids and my favorite little "twinkies".
It was like a storm blew through here but I love it.
I think you've heard me say before I just can't get enough of them.
Here is a picture that little Miss "O" staged.



She got both Baby and Teddy together and said " Memere need take picture."
A buddy photographer.
She's quite the gal.


My Works in Progress.
Sometimes I think I'm a little ADD cause I get antsy with a project
and then get on to something else.
 I've been working on a couple of things...
an embroidery design for one of my little girls.
I plan on framing it, maybe a little white frame so they can put
it in their room.
I really like this little girl. This is actually my second one,
the first one I ruined after all the work went into it.
And absolutely cannot use it.
Also making my little "Buddy" a sweater.
I love this pattern.
If you're interested it's from
YankeeKnitterDesigns pattern #21.
I've also started on the Easter Bunny Wool Mat.
The pattern is from
Wool & Whimseys.

I don't mind telling you....that's a lot of work.
It took me most of the morning to just cut out all the pieces
and place them on my wool.
I really like the colors .
As you can see this is only one half.
I get to do this all over again for the other part.
I'm a little anxious to get on with the embroidering part.
I like that part as it's starting to come together.
Any thoughts on this is welcomed.
Family visit!
I'd like to end this post by saying I had a great little visit
with a cousin this week. I know I go by his business
fairly often and don't take the time to stop in to say Hi!
but this week I was determined to do so.
It was great....
How did we ever get so busy that we don't take the time for this?
I'd like to change it.....and I just might.
So BEWARE never know who I'll
stop in to visit next!.
That's it for tonight..
Till we meet again.
Bon Soire et Bientot!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Yes, today is all about
I had my little Valentine get together on Saturday
and my sweet little grandchildren
were here to celebrate.
I wanted to make it special for them so I got the decorations out
and got them set out.
I had some fun things ready for them.
Lunch was pizza that I formed into hearts and  let them
top their own.
It was a bit messy but they had a great time.
Lots of pepperoni and abundance of cheese!
So how sweet are those pizzas!
Oh yes and they had salad with little heart cucumbers which
they love!
After dinner we made some heart necklaces and
they did such a good job.
Of course they included one for Grammie and one for Memere.
These little people bring so much joy to my life
I can't get enough of them!
And now for the other Sweet thing!
I now know that I did see it before on my girl Cathy's blog
but didn't know what it was.
Boy I sure do now and Love it!
If you're not familiar with it be sure to check it out on line.
The directions are
1 box of DH Angel Food Cake
1 box of any other cake mix
(I used Triple Chocolate Decadent Cake)
it also contained a pkg of fudge mix.
You mix both boxes of cake mixes together in a large bowl or plastic bag
then you take 3 tbs. of dry cake mix
2 tbs of water and mix thoroughly in a small ramekin or mug
and microwave for 1 min.
Soo good.
Because the other cake mix I used had some fudge mix with it
I added a teaspoon to the cake.
I didn't mix it or anything I just dropped it in there.
It was so good and gooey.
Can't wait to try this again.
I sure hope I explained it ok.
Just drop me a line if you didn't get it.
Now I'm also a real fan of Nutella
so I'll bet a spoonful of that would be scrumptious.
Well that's it for all the sweets for today.
Hope everyone is staying warm and getting your craft on!
Till we meet again....
Bon Soire  
A Bientot..... 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearts....hearts and more hearts.

I don't really have much to post today
but I did want to take this opportunity to wish everyone
a Happy Valentine Day.
Not sure what all this crap is about but...whatever!
I'm having the family over on Saturday so we can have a little
celebration...mostly for the kids.
I'm planning on having a pizza party for them.
Making the pizza out of the large english muffins.....that's because
Little Miss "V" has a food allergy and the muffins are what she can eat.
So I'll shape them into hearts and then they can add the sauce and toppings
of their choice.
Also going to make cupcakes and other goodies.
I'll cut out a bunch of paper hears and some straws and they can string them
 on yarn to make heart necklaces. I think they'll enjoy that.
Not sure what I'll make for the grown-ups to eat
I guess I'll have to give that some thought.
Both my children will be here with their families and I am soo
looking forward to that. The little ones don't get to
see each other this will be a big treat for them.
Again I'd like to send out a big thank you to you my visitors..
you guys are the best.
I wish you all a great day.
So till we meet again.....
A Bientot!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Storm clean-up..............................................

Everywhere you is clean-up day.
This storm has really created a mess for everyone.
Gonna be a chore to get out the front door.
With this amount of snow at the cottage door
I sure hope it melts before the vacationers get here.
Hubby's been out there today since 9:30am and didn't come in till 2:30pm.
He said he'll tackle this tomorrow.
I think we're expecting rain on Tues. so we hope to get
most of this cleared up.
Me? Well I've been staying busy making ruffled skirts
for the girls. The first one is complete and now working on the second.
This is nearly done.
I also have plenty of fabric that I'm thinking I'll make
more skirts with. I like how I can really switch up the colors
and the patterns.
Princess "A" asked me if I could make her a skirt with
the fabric that has the "cupcakes" on it....I sure hope this is
the fabric she's talking about.
I think these combinations are so cute.
Before I say Good Bye...I'd like to thank
those of you that are reading my blog
posting comments.
I so appreciate it.
Until we meet again...........stay warm.

Friday, February 8, 2013

We found Nemo!......................

For those looking to find Nemo! We now know where he is...right here in Southern 6pm this evening with the temps at 14* and roughly 7 inches of snow the weather man is saying the storm has not even started yet. Yikes! Just does not seem right...way too cold for all this snow.
My neighbor and I have this on going "thing" about his snow-plow.
I can always tell if we're expecting a real amount of snow
or if we'll get just a dusting because he won't
put on the plow for just a dusting.
So on Thursday morning I went over and added some warning tape
across the front of it.
That was my way of telling him we don't want this snow
they're predicting.....
so when he got the chance he left me a little note as well.....
I guess it's out of our hands.
So NEMO has arrived.
So since I'm going to be stuck in the house I decided that I'd start
on a couple of ruffle skirts for the girls.
I have some really cute, red and white
that have cherries on it.
I really like this fabric. I love the 3 layers together.
I also have this white piece that I think I'll add to the tiers. I have plenty
of all of these prints that I can switch it up and make a couple of them.
I also have some pieces that are pink and have cupcakes
and ice cream cones on  it. Little Miss "A" said she'd like
a skirt made with the cupcake fabric. Humm...that'll be
really cute. I do have a bunch of coordinating fabric.
Thank You so much "Marden's"
I found all of that fabric in Sanford.
The pattern that I'm using is from
She has a great tutorial for this skirt.
I also finished my embroidered cissors case.
That's it for tonight.
Bon Soire and stay warm.
Hope to hear from you!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bags........................and Wool!

Here I am back again and still not feeling myself. This cold/flu has really taken its tole on me. Been way too long now. Even resorted to a Hot Toddy last night. mmmm. Not too bad so I might just have another tonight.
I have completed a couple of items thought.
The bags for the twins are done.

The one for my little Buddy is showing the front and the back.
I plan on using these for their Valentine gifts. The other Grands already got theirs
and they use them for school. Of course Little Miss "V" has already
been in a little trouble because she snuck some candy in hers and brought it to school.
That's too funny....gotta love her!
My friend JoyC brought me some wool pants that were her husbands
so I could cut them up and make winter bermudas out of them. The wool is perfect.
When I started cutting them apart I decided to make a "wrist let" for her
out of part of the leg. I think it came out well.
The pants were actually kind of cool. They had these buckles on the belt band
and they also had the buttons on the inside of the belt band for suspenders.
I loved that about them. Also they were Ralph Lauren.
I decided to use the buckle for the front and I also added the small "Polo"
buttons to the inside pocket.
It was a total surprise for her and she was so touched by it....she will
have such great memories when she carries it,
I so enjoyed doing that for her.
Today I went over to the open house at
as they moved location. I'm adding this flyer for you to see
and sure hope you can read it.
For you wool lovers and Hookers or Needlework enthusiasts
You have to check this out. She has an amazing amount of inventory not
to mention the fabulous amount of wool. OMG! I could have spent the day.
I did buy a needlework kit that I believe I can get a lot of "mileage" from it's design.
As if I need another project!!! It could be worse I suppose...I could
decide to start hooking!!! oh no no no.
Can't wait to go back.
This kit is Birds& Brain Designs
That's it for today and I really enjoyed spending this time with you..
I hope you enjoyed it as well.
Might be time for my Hot Toddy and the football game...almost
time for Half Time.
Until we meet again......Bon Soire!

PS.....don't forget....I love mail and comments.