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My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

Busy...Busy...Busy! That's right this summer was jam packed with family, friends, food and fun. I guess you could say the 4 F's. (Hehehehe). Hubby and I loved all of it.
It started out with days spent with the grandkids.

Always such a joy to have them around.
Always so much fun.

Beach time
and kissing

Then a visit from relatives from the DC area.
Lot's of laughs!

Visit from my surrogate son and friends.

Summer Camp at Riverhurst Farm where I got to spend hours playing and horseback riding. I've never had the opportunity to attend a Summer Camp so this was my first time! Would you believe me if I said  I will be back!

Also I had the pleasure of introducing my son to some of the horses at the stables. Here he is with Mejia. (sp) Debra her owner was so kind and answered lots of question from my very inquisitive son. I'd love to get him on one and come for a ride with me!

My young friends here accompanied me and as you can see
fell in love with these girls.

My n…