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Calling all Hookers!

Oh yes now that I've completed my first hooked project it's on to the second one. One of my friends gave me a couple of patterns that she had set aside and decided that she was not going to make perfect. It's a wonderful print by Encompassing Designs .....of course being new at this I knew nothing about it. I then went on to Google it and Oh my my! A whole new world has opened for me.!

The top shot is how the owner made it up....not really crazy bout the colors so I'm going to do something else with it...just .who do I think I am?! It'll be a challenge.
Also I've joined a Hooking group and went to my first meeting...what great fun, lots of really nice ladies. Because it's late in the year we were not privy to the fact that they were all bringing in Hooking articles to decorate a Christmas tree that would be on display at a tree lighting. How cute were these....hooked tree ornaments. These ladies are so talented.

I know you can't see the orna…

Thank You for your Service............................

I would like to take a minute to salute all those who served, and a special Thank You to my husband who served in Viet Nam. For also putting in for extra duty so that those with a family didn't have to. I personally know what it was like for him returning... I was told
he was not the same person he was when he left. The Summer of '69 he returned was when I met him.... it wasn't till some 30 yrs later that someone who was a guest at our Thanksgiving dinner table, Thanked him!  He thanked her and with a heavy heart told her she was the first to thank him! don't think there was a dry eye at that table. So once again thank you all so much. Back in September I hosted a family get-together for my Mom's side of the family. How sad that our lives have become so busy with everyday life and we don't take the time to re-connect with those that we grew-up with. When we were young it seems that the whole family would get together at our Grandparents home or one of our A…

So upset!

I am so upset right now....I can't stand it. I have my computer AND my iPad open trying to post to my blog and add pictures and it won't let me do so......what the H--- am I doing wrong?......