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Where did the summer go????

My my my...not sure what happened but I think I missed something. Fall seems to have creeped right in. I know that what little summer we did have I so enjoyed.

We had the pleasure of having family "cousins" spend time with us. Hubby and I enjoyed getting to know them and for me to re-connect. Something we've missed for so many years. Hopefully now we can spend more time with them. It was so nice to introduce them to our little part of the world and have them enjoy it as much as we do. We feel so blessed. What have I been up to! Well I did get around to finishing the white cotton ragland sleeve sweater for Miss O. My intention was for her to have it for the summer...but I sort of slacked off...but now its done. Sorry, no pictures.........yet. I did make a little red corduroy skirt for Miss A..hoping she would like it for school. When she was here I showed it to her and Wow! she exclaimed....".Memere, I love it!! But do you think you could put pockets on it...cause I…