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Bubble wrap.....

First off today I want to share this clip with all of you. I found this on my facebook page and I loved it.           This is ME!

So what do you guys think? Again, today was a crappy day so I didn't get to plant any of my pots. I hope that I get a chance to do some tomorrow.
In the meantime I'd like to share some of them with you.

These are the ones I made. The one with the bird is a bird bath that will be a gift. Hope they like it. The one next to it has some beach glass added to it, my first..and hope the glass stays on. I made some small "pinch pots". I like these and think they'll look really cute planted.
These pots are some of Cheryl's creations. Can you see the detail on the rectangle trough? That's right....she used some bubble wrap in the form. Gosh! It came out so nice and can't wait to see this one with some plants in it. Yup! That's gonna be my next try. This last one has my mushroom with some of my other pots sitting on the lobster (lobstah…

Tufa fountain.........

Wow! How hot was it this week! I think as I get older the heat and humidity bother me more and more. But today after the thunder storm that came through it turned a little more comfortable. Much better.
This past week we finally got out there and picked up all our products for our next Tufa pots. But we didn't get around to makeing them as we spend too much time fiddling around going to local garden centers. But the following day we got right on the job.
This time we bought Portland Cement without any sand or aggragate. That's really what the original recipe calls for at TheArtisticGardener theartisticgardener . We liked the way it seemed to be a lot more workable. Pictures of this new batch will be coming up soon. They are still in the curing phase right now but hope to get some shots of them tomorrow. Might even have some "planted"...who knows.
Because I don't have pictures I thought I would post a pic of the new project that Cheryl worked on. She made a Tufa f…

Happy Father's Day.....

Still trying to recover from the weekend that was very busy but sooo nice. Started out by celebrating the 2nd birthday of my favorite "little Munchkins". The party went so well and got to see some good friends. Also loved watching the kids interact with new friends and little cousins. My daughter is simply she finds the time to fit everything in her very busy life. She and Hubby do such a great job. After the party my son and his family came back to spend the rest of the weekend with us. It was a great Fathers Day for both Son & Dad. This picture says it all.
We got to take them all out in the boat for a boat ride. The girls were very hesitant at first but they did it. They loved the ride and the littlest one wanted the drive the boat with her Papa. What fun! 

We had a great weekend. Now is the time to get back to work. hehehe. Making Tufa pots again. We went off today to buy the products for our next projects...looking forward to making more. Have a whol…

Last potted tufa........

Today, I potted the last of my tuffa pots. I must say I think they look pretty good. The only problem now is I really don't want to get rid of them. I feel like I want to keep them all...................but of course I won't. I did give one away to some friends, R & D, so they can keep them on their deck. Here it is....

I attached a shell to the rim because I had it growing elsewhere and thought it would look nice there.
Have not been to Lowe's yet to purchase more Portland cement but we hope to this week some time. I did take a few pictures of Chery's tufa pots. We love to move them around to different spots and look at them. Such joy we get from simple things.
In this last picture the tufa in the forefront is a pinch bag that she made from a small sandwich bag. OMG I think it's the cutest thing ever. I must make one of these with my next batch. I have a very busy week this week so not sure if we'll get to batch #4. Hubby goes for shot #3 in his back....&q…

time for repairs....

Today I thought I'd go out and get some of the pots ready for give-away. When I picked one up to plant a chunk fell off as you can see here. What the hay! I felt so bad but I did have a couple of others that I can replace it with. Anyhow I guess I'll have to take out that trusty Wood Glue again and see what I can come up with.
I also posted my "broken bag" on FB on the Hypertufa Fan page and received some really good advice. All I can do is try.
I did however get to plant some others. This particular one I thought came out really cute. I really like the succulents in these pots. Not sure if this picture does the plants justice. I gave it my best shot.
Looking forward to tomorrow.............hope the sun shines another day.


That's right, the sun came out today. What a welcomed sight. And I lied before, we again had a high tide last night and will again tonight. The yard had to be raked to remove all the sea grass and crabs off the lawn and then had to water it. Yes, that's right. Anything to flush out all the salt water. Hope it works.
So while the sun was out I took that opportunity to get some of the tufa's ready to give away. Planted some and just cleaned the others. Jenn's heart birdbath is ready for pick-up as well as the 2 bag pots.
The tufa on the left is the one that had to be "repaired" so we checked with and low and behold found that adding a little Elmer's white glue or Wood Glue to your recipe. Yippee! It worked.
After that was done I decided to drop off a bag of unused clothes to the local thrift shop and did a little shopping. I found the cutest miniature "garden seat" that I had to have. For $1 who could pass this up. From …

Rain rain go away.....

As I start this post I can actually see some blue sky peeking out between those dark clouds. Gosh that's a nice sight. We've not seen the sun in a while now. And tonight should be the last night of extreme high tides. Hopefully the new seeded grass will grow
after all this.
I don't really have much to post so I thought I'd just give you a glimpse of some of the other tufa pots I've made with my partner Cheryl
This is a group of them to-date. Not all are filled as you can see but I'm sure they will be soon. That's it for today....till my next post

Curing time......

Batch #3 is now curing and should be coming along just fine as we've had lot's and lot's of rain. Since these tufa pots call for slow cure this works great. I tend to get a little anxious and want to get to them and just plant them up. Not really sure what will happen to these but I see lot's of "gifts" in their future. Actually, a couple of these have been promised and hope they like them.
We've tried a new recipe for these and I really like the look and the texture.
Here is our new recipe:
1 part Portland Cement1 part Peatmoss1 part Pearlitea little under 1 part water.Our first recipe did not include the pearlite but used vermiculite. I'm thinking that this will also be a bit lighter in weight. if the sun ever comes out we can see how they measure up.

It's Hypertufa time

This is going to be a blog about the way I like to spend my time. Crafts and creating. At this time I'm between gardening and making tufa pots. My inspiration were the pots and birdbaths at The Boston Flower Show 2012 made by www.Lisa' . I was fascinated and full of questions. I purchased the heart birdbath she made and that was it. After doing a little research we (my friend "C") then purchased the ingredients and we were off. We've now made 3 batches and eager to make more. I hope to be posting pictures of the finished products and hope that I get lots of feedback.