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More clothesline rope bowls n stuff......

Thought I'd be back here a little sooner but time just seems to escape me. I recently visited a new art studio and took a class with a friend. We made "ice resin pendant" and had a great time. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the actual pendants I made but did take some of the studio.
Here she is Miss Lydia....we had a great time and met some real nice people.
Here are some other photos. There are some beautiful "torn paper art" and I think the artist is Wanda Edwards. I think I'd love to try this technique.

Seeds is a great studio and the owner Colleen is very nice....


I'm not sure what's going on with the post here but i can't seem to control how to do a lay-out. I also want to show you more rope bowl projects. Here is one that my friend Cheryl made. Love it....I may try making one myself.

Now how cute is this?! Very clever idea. I also like the loop knot at the top.
Placemat and coasters.
This i…

Clothesline rope bowls............

Here I am finally. I'm not sure if I've not had anything to blog about or just that it's been too darn hot and humid. I don't remember the heat bothering me as much as it does now. I guess it's my age.....yikes, did I just say that!!! Oh well.
We've been spending lot's of time on the beach and going in the ocean ....the water temperature has been wonderful here in Maine. You can actually go in and swim around without your ankles going numb. Very enjoyable. Also my daughter's been enjoying the beach with us and that's so nice as we geet to enjoy our little buddies. Gosh! they love the beach. Brings back so many fond memories of when my kids were little. Happy thoughts!

Another batch of "Tufa" was made and is still curing. I'll be planting them soon. I've also sold a few that were placed in a little gift shop here. I may just bring over a few more. Where it's been so hot I've opted to do more inside stuff so I made a few coil…

Life is Good....................

Living on the coast of Maine is living life at it's best. As you can see I've been real busy.
That's right.....and it does not get any better than this. Taking the Kayak out these last couple of days has been so relaxing. Last night was the quiet. Not to mention the sights along the river.

This picture above is the back side of Billy's Chowder House..What an amazing view. I was on the northen side looking down. the water was so calm.
Now the rest of these pictures I think say it all.

Wonderfully serene. At some point I might get back to doing something constuctive but for right now.....this is it.

This was taken today...mid day. Gotta love living by the water and having all of this in your own back yard. Life is Good!

Well that's it got now................Good night...till the next time.
Wish you all a great 4th of July..................