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Monday, March 31, 2014

totally motivated....

Happy Monday!
I'm back and ready get you up-to-date on my doings.

Not sure if I posted the finished mat I made. Self design.
I think I can use this as an ipad i need to made a back.

Also finished my gift from my Hooking Instructor 
This little Snowman is so darn cute.
She gave this out to everyone in her classes and are 
now being shown.
I've seen 3 of them now and am surprised at how different they are.
When all of them are complete I'll have more pictures for you.

Another of my self designs...only had a small piece of foundation fabric so I
decided to do a little mat for the side table.
My Easter Bunny.

This one is called "My Heart Belongs to You?
and the reason for that name is that i included the initials of
my grandkids in the background. AVOAV!

I attended my 2nd Hook-In in Westford Ma. and these are only a couple
of the rugs on display.

Here are just a few of the rugs on display.

Fellow Hooker Janet

Another by Janet

I don't know the name of this woman but I had to take this as she was hooking with a feather type yarn
Simply gorgeous.

This bag was done by Rose Raymond (do check her out)

Angela Foote

I just love this pattern.

Yippee! I am so excited and very motivated. I just purchased
a wool cutter. A Bliss Model A. I love it. I've been cutting up a storm
and now using a # 4 cut. 
I think I've also made a new Hooking friend..Kelly Rolfe and she has some really cute patterns.
Check her out....she has a FB page as well as Pinterest..

A very special Thank You to Kelly..

Enough for now......a bientot...till we meet again.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snow day AGAIN!

Now with a show of hands...
Who is tired of Winter?
Ooops...I think I see someone back there who
has NOT raised their hand!
Must be a skier, hope he's enjoying this
cause he seems to be alone.

My hooking class has been canceled and so disappointed.
This class has been so enjoyable
and really like the new people I've met.
I think I told you that Miss Sarah Guiliani is the Instructor.
For you ladies out there that hook...if you ever see her name
mentioned be it at a hook-in or seminar or whatever
do yourself a favor and sign up for one of her classes.
I promise you you won't be disappointed...

My IT guy was just here helping me with this blog
because once again this program locks up when I try to download
pictures...and even he is baffled....but thanks so much for trying Tony.

Don't loose faith in me though.
Sure hope you'll continue to follow and read my blog.

Almost finished with my Snowman...and now I have
an extra week to bring it in.....BUT...that also
means the rest of the class has also.
I really want to win 2nd place..
Thanks Miss Sarah.

Gotta run.....a bientot..

read me......comment me
love hearing from you.