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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Found........but not lost!

I know this is a bit silly but its been driving me crazy!
I had this picture of the completed
 Father Christmas
hooking that I really wanted to show you.
As you can figure I'm a bit computer illiterate.
For some reason I just could not find it in "my pictures".
ANYHOW.......enough about it.
I sure would like your comments here.....what do you think of how I
finished it?
I've since rolled the foundation back and sewed it down.
I've made a wall hanging out of it.
It was intended as a pillow but didn't have wool large
enough to make the back.
Thanks for sticking with me......hope to hear from you... know who you are!
That's all I've got for tonight...hope to be back soon.
Till then...A Bientot!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

As you can see we've added a new member to our family.
Such a cutie and the biggest cheeks we've ever seen.
Here is one of her "big" sisters. I can tell she's going to be a big help
to Daddy!
Mom is doing well also. Fortunately Miss Viv is quite
the snuggler.
I haven't been around much because my sewing machine was taking
up all my time.
The girls all got 18" dolls for Christmas so I had to get
busy sewing up clothes for them.
Winter Capes were my patterns of choice as well as hats
to go with them.
I was at the Dollar Store at one point and found these cute little
bags that were intended for "gift cards" and thought they would be
perfect as a purse for the dolls.
Once I got going I also decided to add a little "bling" to their
I think they were a hit.
Since I had made the red corduroy skirts for the older girls I thought
the dolls should also have them and decided to
add the blouses.
The party dress goes with the red cape.

Christmas is splitting time between both families. So Hubby and I spent the night at daughter & son-in-laws and were able to see the little ones
open their presents in the morning.
Actually the best part was the kids jumping into bed with us to tell us
Santa had come!!!!
And that he did......son-in-law made this beautiful dress-up rack
for the Princess of the house! She loved it! 

The next big hit was the air hockey table!
The game is on between the Princess and the Jock!
Gotta love Christmas !
The rest of the day was spent with the kids in Ma. and unfortunately
I never got around to taking pictures.
The kids took up most of our time.
My thoughts and prayers go out to my "friends" that are battling health
problems and to those caring for them.
I hope that 2014 brings health and happiness to you.
p.s.....I did complete Father Christmas (my last hooking project)
but for some reason I can't seem to get  it uploaded here.
Will try again later.
Till we meet again.................
A bientot!
and I look forward to your "comments.