Saturday, April 4, 2015

Off the needles and onto my feet!

This blog post is sort of a continuation of the last one. There was a photo of me  in Acorn
-hollow's blog post where I was knitting up my socks with magic loop. I am happy to say they are now complete and am so proud of myself. I did mention that this was my first attempt right? Now I look forward to my second pair where I can adjust things a bit differently. I am not afraid to admit there are a few "holidays".
I am hoping to get some feedback here and any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. I love the colors and love the yarn....its Vanna White sock yarn...from Joann's.

Now I don't think I mentioned the yarn I purchased at the retreat.....a hank of 100% wool. I was not crazy about the color so I decided to throw it into a dye pot as I was cleaning house. Another "first" for me.....NO! not cleaning house but dyeing wool. So what to do with old wine? That's right....why waste it when you can throw it all in a pot with a bit of vinegar add the wool and Voilà ! 
Here is the original color....and it is true to color....

Here is the wine.....all reds.......
Finis....needless to say my dying skills are lacking.....oh well! At least I felt like I didn't just waste the wine!

Gotta run for now....hope everyone enjoys their Easter...and being with family. I know I will....looking forward to being with my little ones.

Till we meet again......A Bientô Joyeux Pâque.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hooking retreat!

That's right I attended my first rug hooking retreat in Alfred Me. My girl Cathy from Acorn Holly was my room mate and partner. We had a great time. I must say I needed to do a little fasting when I got home! They certainly fed us well.....3 full meals a day...and I mean full. I think the next time I go I'll do things a little different....not eat so much!
I met some really talented ladies and made some new friends.
I didn't take any pictures but you can go on over to Acorn Hollow, she took some great ones.

Well want to wish all you followers a wonderful Easter.....Joyeux Pâque.

                                     Till we meet again......a bientôt.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Projects to recoup by........

That's right.....trying to recoup from this sinus infection. I was doing so good there for a while and so proud of myself but then I think my body just got jealous of everyone around me. That's right it seems there is lots of sickness Voila! Honestly, I don't think the infection is anywhere near as bad as the antibiotics they have me on. Lightheaded and nauseous (that's probably a good thing...I'm not hungry at all)
I'm working on a couple of projects right now. The first is my hooking....doing a poppy that will be a circular chair cushion for the vanity in the bathroom. Doing some shading and highlighting with some much needed help of my girl Miss Sarah Guiliani my teacher.

I like the way it's coming out and look forward to choosing a background color.
For my second project I am teaching myself how to knit socks...both socks at the same time....on one 
circular needle. YIKES! 
That is so intimidating but I think I'm getting it.
I love it as I do fine with the first sock but HATE having to start all over again to do the second sock.

Wish me luck.........till we meet again!
A Bientôt !

Sunday, February 22, 2015

  Gong to try this again.....

I've tried using this Blogger app on my iPad and I guess I'm really bad at it because I don't get too far with it. This will be my last try....wish me luck.

Rug Hooking......I'm in the process of designing my own patterns to hook. I hope to post some pictures here in hopes of getting feedback from you readers.

My first one is a primitive looking daisy.

Iii did do some color planning though I'm not 
Real good at primitive colors.
I have another that I'm working on but don't have a picture of it right now. A fish...salmon to be exact. I did have someone special in mind for this one. I'm also at a loss for the edging so probably going to do a couple different options.

Well...I think this will be all for hopefully I can get this published.
Good night...........a bientôt .........

Sunday, July 27, 2014

so much going on.......

I can't believe its been so long since my last post but as you'll see
I've been busy.
Sunsets have been stunning and we've had some great weather.
I finally got to bring the little ones over to the sand bar.
They really enjoyed it and jumped right in.
I can't wait till they come back so we can go back.

 I feel so bad when i watch the renters on their last day of vacation.
the 4 boys are always so sad....but now they can look forward to next year.
The 4th has come and gone and i never did wish you all a good one.
So better late than never.
Happy 4th of July.

This summer we had a first here at the cottage.
Last week we had a couple renew their vows here in the back yard.
It was a surprise to everyone....
they had a beautiful day.
Kids playing in the pool...thats what I like to call it.
I love watching the kids playing in this mud..
they always have such a good time.

 This is t for now....I'll try to be back sooner next time.
Thank you all for reading my posts and for you my followers.

Till we meet again...........a bientot.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A very special weekend.......

A Hookers Dream!

There certainly was a lot of Hype leading up to the 
Secret Hookers Weekend
and I am happy to report that it was every bit as enjoyable as I thought.
Having met Cathy of only a few times (she is Family)
and never meeting Kim of 
we sure hit it off.
(And no she was NO danger to us at all)
We had a great time with lots of laughs, lots of wool talk and lots of food and wine.

This is a picture of our first introduction.
I'm not sure but I think this could be the beginning of a long friendship.
We started the weekend with a few nibbles of cheese and crackers
and opened our first bottle of wine.
Then we were off to the down at the harbor
for some seafood.
Clam chowdah, lobstah rolls and scallops. Yummm.

The following day we started our wool trek at 
Cathy Spellacy the owner was thrilled to meet new fellow hookers from
Nova Scotia and Northern NH. She showed us some antique rugs that she had
and one was hooked with JUTE.
That's right....I've never seen that before and I can"t imagine how hard 
that was on the hands. Very interesting.
Next was a stop at for some gourmet foods.
Always fun to try their samplings.

Here is Kim and Cathy standing under the wisteria.
Their gardens are just beautiful
Our 3rd stop was over to over in Kennebunk, Me.

Lots and lots going on in that little shop!
Again the store attendant was thrilled to meet my new friends and have us visitng.
Well.....ok....I must admit it was mostly about Kim especially when
she found out she was from Nova Scotia. 
It was then that we told her about our very special GIFT and that set her off!
That's right..we are special!!!
Kim brought us a one of a kind....hand drawn....original
Deanne Fitzgerald from pattern
drawn exclusively for the three of us.
Now I call that pretty darn special.
It has 3 ladies hooking, with wool in hand and cocktail glass.
It is fabulous.
Thank You again so much Kim,
that was so thoughtful of you.
4th stop was to in Arundel Me. I go in there quite often
so we all got a huge welcome from Guillian and Gloria.
Here we did a little more 
boasting about our "gift" and the girls were so excited. they are dying to see it.
Well, maybe I'll bring it in at some point.

5th stop and My final legg of this trip was Lunch.
Now where would you think that 3 Hookers would go for eats?
That's right...a biker 
Cathy and I had the best lobster BLT ever and Kim had the Fish and Chips.
What a fun place...with a hog that one could ride and lots of Victoria Secret merchandise
hanging from the rafters.
Again lots of laughs.

The following morning was time to say Good Bye to my new friends.
Cathy was off with Kim to Dorr Mill woolens in NH...Cathy back home
and Kim was headed to Vermont to visit with family.
It was a short visit but hope that future visits are longer and become an annual thing.

I am hoping that Cathy and I get the chance tom spend a little more time together. 
Though she has been family for years now we just never got the chance to connect
and boy is that ever my loss. What a lovely lady.
Summer is coming and maybe we can catch up again when she's in Maine.

Thank you ladies for the lovely all the wool and other goodies
It has been such a pleasure
As for you readers I hope I have not bored the crap out of you.
Hope you'll all be hearing from you.

till we meet again.................................

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

I would first like to take this time to thank all the men and women who put their lives on the line so that we could be free. Most importantly a huge Thank you to my husband.

I found this great wine at Trader Joe's and  has become my
I'm a sort of sweet white wine person.
This is a Lambrusco and so delicious. So that is how I decided to celebrate today.
(Perhaps just in training for this coming!)

This past week I went to Sebago Lake Rug School with a new "Hooker" friend.
I really enjoyed it and look forward to actually attending one myself and taking classes.
Some of the teachers were Sarah Guiliani, Lois Dugal, Diane Stoffel, 
Betty McClintic and Martha Beals. Gail Walden.
I was just astonished by the talent. I wonder if I will ever get to be that accomplished.
I'm not taking classes right now because things are too hectic in the summer but will 
return in September. 
I also found this picture that I really like and maybe do a hooking with this inspiration.

How beautiful is this? I have a new friend coming down to visit this weekend along with my cousin.
I'm so looking forward to meeting her and having a girls weekend.
Lots of gabbing, eating, hooking, some wool shopping and just plain ole
I'm pretty sure there will be lots of laughs as well.
I hope to have pictures and stories for you in my next post.

Enjoy your week and Thanks again for being here with me.
Don't forget I enjoy your comments.

Till we meet again.....A Bientot.