Where did the summer go????

My my my...not sure what happened but I think I missed something. Fall seems to have creeped right in. I know that what little summer we did have I so enjoyed.

We had the pleasure of having family "cousins" spend time with us. Hubby and I enjoyed
getting to know them and for me to re-connect. Something we've missed for so many years.
Hopefully now we can spend more time with them.
It was so nice to introduce them to our little part of the world and have them enjoy it
as much as we do.
We feel so blessed.
What have I been up to!
Well I did get around to finishing the white cotton ragland sleeve sweater for Miss O.
My intention was for her to have it for the summer...but I sort of slacked off...but now its done.
Sorry, no pictures.........yet.
I did make a little red corduroy skirt for Miss A..hoping she would like it for school.
When she was here I showed it to her and Wow! she exclaimed....".Memere, I love it!!
But do you think you could put pockets on it...cause I LOVE pockets" she asks.
"Of course I could Honey...how about if I put heart pockets on? " Needless to say she was more than
So there you have it....fini, with heart pockets and all.
Now I'll be making another for sister Miss V.
I bought them each a cute little white jersey to go with it and I'm thinking white tights
would also go well.
That's right I put a quilt together with a charm pack that I had purchased. I loved the colors.
But now that its done I'm thinking that I want to add more to it cause i'd like it a little bigger.
Not sure what to add though as I don't have any more of the fabric. My thought is to add some white
and then a few more fabric colors  around the border.
So if you have any suggestions I sure would appreciate the help.
I'm working on a couple of needlework projects.
the first one is a wool applique wall hanging of a mermaid.
the project is created by

Not sure if you can see this clearly.
It's designed as either a tea cozy or a pincushion but I'm making a wall hanging.
I plan on putting it in the cottage.

This is going to be an easy project.....just what I like....instant  gratification
My other embroidery project is a seagull on a beach.
Pieces are all cut and placed on background fabric.
This kit was purchased @ CampWool in Kennebunk, Me.
I really like this one....and again I think it will go in the cottage.
Well, don't tell anyone but I'm signing up for a rug hooking class! Now don't say anything...I know I've been trying to avoid this as I really don't need another "craft" but I've been
really taken by some of the work I've seen and heard about.
It's all your fault.....you know who you are!
Last of all I want to say how thrilled I am to have hosted a family get-together.
I can't express how it made me feel to have my Aunts, Uncles and especially
my cousins join us for the day. I was thrilled beyond belief.
It truly was the best part of my summer.
Cousins, I love you all.
With that I will leave you for now..........
Bon Soire
A bientot.
 ps...don't forget I love your visit and look forward to your comments.
All would appreciate more "followers"



  1. Soooo excited to see you post!!! I have to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit a couple of weeks ago to your wonderful home. (So jealous)
    I saw that sweet skirt and loved it! and your quilt colors are wonderful. Love your mermaid project, it will look great in your cottage.
    You will be a natural in rug hooking you already have the color thing down now it is just how to pull the loops. Can't wait to see your first project.

  2. I didn't have your email so I will respond to your very sweet comment here. Thank you so much for the kind words and support. Some days the stress reaches a bottleneck. But today is a better day and I after re-reading my post I decided to take it down. I try to stay positive and not get caught up in the negative. But I really do appreciate your visits.
    PS - How did the rug hooking class go??


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