Found........but not lost!

I know this is a bit silly but its been driving me crazy!
I had this picture of the completed
 Father Christmas
hooking that I really wanted to show you.
As you can figure I'm a bit computer illiterate.
For some reason I just could not find it in "my pictures".
ANYHOW.......enough about it.
I sure would like your comments here.....what do you think of how I
finished it?
I've since rolled the foundation back and sewed it down.
I've made a wall hanging out of it.
It was intended as a pillow but didn't have wool large
enough to make the back.
Thanks for sticking with me......hope to hear from you... know who you are!
That's all I've got for tonight...hope to be back soon.
Till then...A Bientot!


  1. I love your rug. Your border is much better than the original pattern. Nice work

  2. I love your rug! Great colors!


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