Snow day AGAIN!

Now with a show of hands...
Who is tired of Winter?
Ooops...I think I see someone back there who
has NOT raised their hand!
Must be a skier, hope he's enjoying this
cause he seems to be alone.

My hooking class has been canceled and so disappointed.
This class has been so enjoyable
and really like the new people I've met.
I think I told you that Miss Sarah Guiliani is the Instructor.
For you ladies out there that hook...if you ever see her name
mentioned be it at a hook-in or seminar or whatever
do yourself a favor and sign up for one of her classes.
I promise you you won't be disappointed...

My IT guy was just here helping me with this blog
because once again this program locks up when I try to download
pictures...and even he is baffled....but thanks so much for trying Tony.

Don't loose faith in me though.
Sure hope you'll continue to follow and read my blog.

Almost finished with my Snowman...and now I have
an extra week to bring it in.....BUT...that also
means the rest of the class has also.
I really want to win 2nd place..
Thanks Miss Sarah.

Gotta run.....a bientot..

read me......comment me
love hearing from you.


  1. so sorry about you not being able to post pictures:( love your rug lucky you get to go hook during the day when all of us losers have to work.


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