Memorial Day 2014

I would first like to take this time to thank all the men and women who put their lives on the line so that we could be free. Most importantly a huge Thank you to my husband.

I found this great wine at Trader Joe's and  has become my
I'm a sort of sweet white wine person.
This is a Lambrusco and so delicious. So that is how I decided to celebrate today.
(Perhaps just in training for this coming!)

This past week I went to Sebago Lake Rug School with a new "Hooker" friend.
I really enjoyed it and look forward to actually attending one myself and taking classes.
Some of the teachers were Sarah Guiliani, Lois Dugal, Diane Stoffel, 
Betty McClintic and Martha Beals. Gail Walden.
I was just astonished by the talent. I wonder if I will ever get to be that accomplished.
I'm not taking classes right now because things are too hectic in the summer but will 
return in September. 
I also found this picture that I really like and maybe do a hooking with this inspiration.

How beautiful is this? I have a new friend coming down to visit this weekend along with my cousin.
I'm so looking forward to meeting her and having a girls weekend.
Lots of gabbing, eating, hooking, some wool shopping and just plain ole
I'm pretty sure there will be lots of laughs as well.
I hope to have pictures and stories for you in my next post.

Enjoy your week and Thanks again for being here with me.
Don't forget I enjoy your comments.

Till we meet again.....A Bientot.


  1. Those poppies will make a gorgeous rug. I'm glad to see you were testing the wine for the "secret" weekend ;). We are going to have some great laughs.

  2. It was a great weekend thank you so much Donna!!!!


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