Off the needles and onto my feet!

This blog post is sort of a continuation of the last one. There was a photo of me  in Acorn
-hollow's blog post where I was knitting up my socks with magic loop. I am happy to say they are now complete and am so proud of myself. I did mention that this was my first attempt right? Now I look forward to my second pair where I can adjust things a bit differently. I am not afraid to admit there are a few "holidays".
I am hoping to get some feedback here and any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. I love the colors and love the yarn....its Vanna White sock yarn...from Joann's.

Now I don't think I mentioned the yarn I purchased at the retreat.....a hank of 100% wool. I was not crazy about the color so I decided to throw it into a dye pot as I was cleaning house. Another "first" for me.....NO! not cleaning house but dyeing wool. So what to do with old wine? That's right....why waste it when you can throw it all in a pot with a bit of vinegar add the wool and Voilà ! 
Here is the original color....and it is true to color....

Here is the wine.....all reds.......
Finis....needless to say my dying skills are lacking.....oh well! At least I felt like I didn't just waste the wine!

Gotta run for now....hope everyone enjoys their Easter...and being with family. I know I will....looking forward to being with my little ones.

Till we meet again......A Bientô Joyeux Pâque.


  1. I'm so impressed. Not only did you knit socks (which for me is impossible) you knit 2 at once! Amazing girlfriend!

  2. Before becoming a hooker I used to sit up and knit til the wee hours of the morning. Well fast forward 4 decades when I tried to teach myself how to knit socks using the round needle for two socks. I couldn't even remember how to cast on. Once I got that settled there was no way that I could manage knitting the socks so gave the wool away. Your socks are beautiful and I'm envious.

    Oh, but had Kim or I been there you'd not have had any red wine with which to dye your wool.



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