Thursday, November 19, 2020

More Ewes......


A great big Hello!
Here I am. Hope you'll join me in a cup of tea. It's been a hell of a time...sit in wait..sit in wait! Just something else to add to this dreadful year! But all is good now and if I had to find a silver lining out of it  its that I've was able to complete a cable knit beanie in one day! Hooray for me.

Brrrr! It's getting mighty chilly...woke this morning to 20* temp. Good thing I was able to deliver most of the hats that I was knitting....they will get worn for sure. Also got to see my little ones...what a smile that gave me. Love them and miss them terribly. 
How flippin cute are those sheep in my top photo?! So they are now a new addition to my friend's family. She sent me this picture to introduce me to them. Now mind you she is not a knitter and in no way associated with any fiber arts of any sort. She found them in a catalogue and fell in love....and who wouldn't? They get to sit by her window and gaze out at the ocean all day and trust me when I say they have a magnificent view. Occasionally thy get to see the horses that come down and ride the beach. What a life!
Wouldn't you love to have a Ewe in your home? Well let me introduce you to Violet! 
VIOLET and her flock are waiting for you visit my friend  Pam. For you fiber enthusiasts they can be any color you choose. As you can see one was made using coiled strips of wool called "quillies" and Violet is sporting some fun yarn. How check out Pam's site for prices and ideas...Ewe too can have a flock in your living room.

                      "Creativity takes Courage "~Henri Matisse 

In these trying times we all  need a little courage so let your creative juices flow!
As you know I've been keeping myself busy creating watercolor cards. My current ones are  Christmas greeting cards. I think I may also add tags. I'm hoping to sell some.
Here is a preview...would love some feedback. 
How are you being creative? Will you be courageous and creative for Thanksgiving? Can't wait to hear all your ideas.

Well Adieu...gotta run...sure hope you're all doing well and thanks so much for spending time with me...forever grateful!
A Bientot...


  1. Yes, I love the top photo of the Ewe and the dummy board sheep too. Your watercolor cards are very lovely and must say your knitted socks to your friend was an envious sight to behold. I used to knit a LOT, years ago. Then decided to pull out my needles and although I've never knitted socks before I had done cable and popcorn stitches, Icelandic designs knitted sweaters so why not socks. Honestly it had been so many years I had to pull out a beginner book to recall how to cast on. And then got the stitches going but just couldn't get the hang of the socks. So gave all my variegated sock wool away. At least I still remember how to hook, lol.

  2. Your cards are wonderful!!! I am so glad you got to see your grands.
    I know it is good for the soul to see them. Those sheep are cool but I have been cleaning out but they are tempting.
    Miss you

  3. your cards are so beautiful! So glad you got to see the kiddos <3 Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite neighbors :)

  4. Your watercolors are wonderful. I wish that was a skill I had. Over the years I have had a number of painting classes (not watercolor). The teachers knew how to paint but they did not know how to teach...sigh.
    Happy Thanksgiving to ewe.

  5. Love your cards! So lucky to have such talented friends!

  6. Your cards are so lovely ! I bet they’d sell well


More Ewes......

Pam A great big Hello! Here I am. Hope you'll join me in a cup of tea. It's been a hell of a time...sit in wait..sit...