I'm Back......

I feel so bad I've not had the time to get back to this. Summer has been so busy for me and hubby but now on our way back to somewhat normal. Our season has come to a close and now it's time to get some work done on our "teeny tiny house". Our major concern is trying to get the bathroom so that a person can actually fit in there. But we're also doing other renovations as well. Maybe next year we could extend our season a little longer.
This is from our dock and I never get tired of this sight......so peaceful. Of course it adds so much when the tide is high.....when it's low...it's real low....like very little water.
What a beautiful sight this was...my cousin and his wife who came to visit with us. I so enjoyed seeing him again after about 30 yrs. and finally getting to meet his wife.....what a wonderful lady. I really enjoyed getting to know her. Hope they return next year.

This is the two brothers (cousins) racing the kayaks....still in competition it seems! This was a friendly competition though.
      Enough about summer....now I'm back to my crafting...didn't fill all my "tufa" pots yet...I think I'll save that till next summer but will surely make another batch and get rid of the remainder of the Portland Cement before it cures in the bucket and I can't get it released.
     For now my latest projects are making clothes for American Girl dolls and for Bitty Baby. I started by making diapers for Bitty...they turned out pretty cute. My little buddy "O" just loved them.
I will surely get some pictures of the clothes I've made so far. Also going to make a couple of Nap Maps for my 2 little buddies that started pre-school. I'm hoping they like them.

Here they are....the top one is Miss V
and the other is Miss A. How cute...they just melt my heart.
The weather has been so beautiful this week so I'm hoping that Hubby will take me for another ride on the Harley......I'd love to go up towards Holderness....see if I can spot another cousin.
That's it for now and till we meet again.....bon Soire.


  1. come on up! The weather is great we are not in color yet so you might want to wait for that.the grand babies are sooooo cute.
    we are sorry we didn't get to the reunion but there will be another day I hope.
    glad to see you back.


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