Nap Mats and doll clothes.......

     Since the last time we spoke a lot has happened. I know I mentioned doing some  renovations on the "Teeny tiny" house and yes the work has begun. Hubby and I have gone right in and started some of the grunt work and I have to say it was fun. I love tearing things apart.
Here is how the bathroom looks before we really get started. It's really a small one and I'm so anxious to give it a little space. Surely the guests will also.

So clearly things are coming right along. Who would put purple paneling under sheetrock in a bathroom. Yikes!!!  
Enough about the construction site...I'd much rather talk about my latest craft projects. Right now it's all about sewing. I just finished a couple of Nap Mats for my two little "Pre-school Princesses". Their Mom called and asked if I could make them a blanket cause they need them for when they take naps. After doing a little research I came up with some really clever ideas.
Check out some of these sites:
This is where I found my inspiration.
then I went on to find a tutorial on
here is where I got the idea for adding the pleated ruffle.

The girls are coming up tomorrow and I'm so excited.
I sure hope they like them. I'm thinking that these could be cute
Christmas gifts for the other little ones in the family.
Well any comments you have would be appreciated.
Now for the other sewing projects I have are
clothes for dolls.
Last Christmas Hubby bought me my own American Girl Doll.
The little ones love to play with her and the other dolls so I decided to start
making some clothes for them.

Sure hope you liked my blog.....I look forward to your comments.
Love hearing from you.
So till we meet again....Bon Soire.
PS. After previewing this post It seems a little lengthy..
sooo sorry for that. 



  1. 1st: I,m sure you have a permit for the remodeling project. 2nd: have you gone over budget yet ??? 3rd: the nap mats look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! David :)

  2. Getting pretty professional now aren't we....
    Miss Donna...the webmaster. Really does look fine

  3. Thank you DavyG. Thank You David..and yes the permit is in orderr..don't think we've gone over budget yet! Sure hope we don't. Now that you have that little one around you'll have to check out for great ideas on making "wooden" toys for her and keep your creative juices running.


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