Calling all Hookers!

Oh yes now that I've completed my first hooked project it's on to the second one. One of my friends gave me a couple of patterns that she had set aside and decided that she was not going to make perfect. It's a wonderful print by Encompassing Designs .....of course being new at this I knew nothing about it. I then went on to Google it and Oh my my! A whole new world has opened for me.!

The top shot is how the owner made it up....not really crazy bout the colors so I'm going to do something else with it...just .who do I think I am?! It'll be a challenge.
Also I've joined a Hooking group and went to my first meeting...what great fun, lots of really nice ladies. Because it's late in the year we were not privy to the fact that they were all bringing in Hooking articles to decorate a Christmas tree that would be on display at a tree lighting. How cute were these....hooked tree ornaments. These ladies are so talented.

I know you can't see the ornaments too well but trust me they are great. They also added some rug hooks that were hand painted and some cut strips as tinsel with wool roving as garland. I wish I had the time because I would surely have a tree like that in my house.
Look at this beautiful hooked purse. One of the ladies at the group made this..
I think it is just stunning. That sure is a lot of work. Yikes!
I do think I'd like to attempt one some of these days....what do you think?
I would like to take this time to thank a great lady that I've met through blogging. She's sent me some terrific directions on how to use "red dot" fabric used for drawing your own patterns on foundation fabric. My own designs are in my future!!
Thanks so much to Millie's Mom.
 If some of you hookers are reading this I would love to know what kind of frame
you are using and why? I'm just using a hoop right now but would love to eventually
get a frame....I'd appreciate your help.
From what I understand there is a hook-in coming up the end of January
in Elliot, Me.
I've never been to one but sound interesting and am anxious to take part in it.
That's it for now...
Have a good night and sure hope to hear from you....
Till then.................


  1. Hey! Your hooking groups sounds fun. Do they meet weekly? You will learn a lot from them. But by the looks of it you are well on your way.
    I made one of those purses. It's a Fish Eye Rugs design. It was fun to make. You should try one


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