Thank You for your Service............................

  I would like to take a minute to salute all those who served,
and a special Thank You to my husband who served in Viet Nam. For also
putting in for extra duty so that those with a family didn't have to.
I personally know what it was like for him returning... I was told
he was not
the same person he was when he left.
The Summer of '69 he returned was when I met him....
it wasn't till some 30 yrs later that someone who
was a guest at our Thanksgiving dinner table,
Thanked him! 
He thanked her and with a heavy heart told her she was the first
to thank him! don't think there was a dry eye at that table.
So once again thank you all so much.
Back in September I hosted a family get-together for my Mom's side
of the family.
How sad that our lives have become so busy with everyday life
and we don't take the time to re-connect with those that we
grew-up with. When we were young it seems that the whole family
would get together at our Grandparents home or one of our Aunts & Uncles.
Holidays then seemed so chaotic but gosh we had fun.
I can remember all gathering around the dinner table for
Thanksgiving and having my grandfather pick a name out of a hat
to see who would get the legs. Of course, me being me, would cry if
I didn't get it so one of my Uncles would give one to me.
How I miss those days when I got everything I wanted.
hehehehehehehe! Just kidding.
ok, so I sort of got off tract here...back to my get-together.
I think we all enjoyed seeing each other again after so much time has passed.
I can't even begin to tell you how much it pleased me and my husband
to have them all here.
I felt bad for those who could not be here with us but
they were in our thoughts. Hopefully we can continue this tradition.
So a while back I told you about the little red corduroy skirts I made for the girls.
Well, I guess they were a hit. Their Mom sent me a picture
of them wearing them when they went out to dinner.
Love those faces!
 What have these nimble hands been up ask.
I was at my daughter's house a while back and she had a new wreath on her front door.
OMG! I darn cute. I've seen lots of these on Pinterest and thought
heck I can do that but of course she beat me to it.
So off I went to Michael's to buy the metal wreath and some burlap
and Voila!
How do you like it? Comments please.
So now for my latest endeavor. Yup, that's right I now have a NEW craft.
I took a hooking class and I am so "hooked"...hehehe sorry bout that, I couldn't resist.
I really do love it.
I've completed my first project.

This is my pillow. I am so happy with it.
When I brought it back to the shop to show my teacher
she gave me an A+...and said I earned a gold star.
That made me feel good....I can't remember Ever getting an A+
for anything!!!
My plans for the next project is a Santa that a friend gave me.
It comes from Encompassing Designs Hooked Rug patterns
in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I found their website and checked it out.....oh gosh I love so many
of their patterns....I see some patterns in my future!!
That's it for now and hope I you enjoyed this post and I have not
bored you to death.
I also want to thank those of you who have been "following" me
and those who send me comments. I so appreciate you.
I feel like I've made new acquaintances with some of you and I am thrilled
by that.
Please keep those comments and emails coming.
I bid you a Good Night.......................till we meet again.


  1. So your daughter is talented too! Your first piece is wonderful. So glad we were at the cousin's get together!

  2. First, let me say thanks to your husband for his service. A few years ago I was in an airport and some service men were walking through. People stopped and began to spontaneously applaud. I had tears streaming down my face. It was a great moment.
    The wreath is beautiful. But your first hooking project is the real Wow! Good job. Glad you are hooked. I've hooked a few Encompassing Design patterns. You'll enjoy it

  3. I guess you figured out the problem of access. The good old boys at Google have been consolidating a lot, they want everybody to use Chrome, Google+, and YouTube so they can follow you around the web. Congrats Donna, you done it girl. Kim said it first but I want to jump on the wagon and offer my personal thanks and recognition to Mike for the job he did in the service. I've heard some of the amusing stories but there have been hints of scary dark sh#t laced amongst those tales. Thank Mike, for doing something I never did and still will never know if I had the courage to perform back then in preserving our freedom. Donna, you are one talented lady, I miss you guys but life goes on. Regards aplenty... David


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