Projects to recoup by........

That's right.....trying to recoup from this sinus infection. I was doing so good there for a while and so proud of myself but then I think my body just got jealous of everyone around me. That's right it seems there is lots of sickness Voila! Honestly, I don't think the infection is anywhere near as bad as the antibiotics they have me on. Lightheaded and nauseous (that's probably a good thing...I'm not hungry at all)
I'm working on a couple of projects right now. The first is my hooking....doing a poppy that will be a circular chair cushion for the vanity in the bathroom. Doing some shading and highlighting with some much needed help of my girl Miss Sarah Guiliani my teacher.

I like the way it's coming out and look forward to choosing a background color.
For my second project I am teaching myself how to knit socks...both socks at the same time....on one 
circular needle. YIKES! 
That is so intimidating but I think I'm getting it.
I love it as I do fine with the first sock but HATE having to start all over again to do the second sock.

Wish me luck.........till we meet again!
A Bientôt !


  1. Your poppies are looking great. I don't think I could ever learn to knit socks. Good luck. Is your snow melting?


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