Gong to try this again.....

I've tried using this Blogger app on my iPad and I guess I'm really bad at it because I don't get too far with it. This will be my last try....wish me luck.

Rug Hooking......I'm in the process of designing my own patterns to hook. I hope to post some pictures here in hopes of getting feedback from you readers.

My first one is a primitive looking daisy.

Iii did do some color planning though I'm not 
Real good at primitive colors.
I have another that I'm working on but don't have a picture of it right now. A fish...salmon to be exact. I did have someone special in mind for this one. I'm also at a loss for the edging so probably going to do a couple different options.

Well...I think this will be all for tonight...now hopefully I can get this published.
Good night...........a bientôt .........


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