Christmas is I'm ready for Summer!

I don't know about you but that's exactly how I feel. I don't care much for the months of January February and March. April starts to give me hope again. Nice warm weather is soon to be.

Christmas was wonderful and got to spend it with my family. That's what it's all about for me. I've been sick and on antibiotics. Christmas Eve my daughter and I had a glass of wine....just one (1)!! By the time I got ready for bed I was covered in hives! Boy that was fun...NOT! So up until today I've been taking Benedryl....they seem to have finally gone away.

What I like the best about the holidays is school vacation! So for the first 3 days I was able to have my 2 older granddaughters here with me. I had so much planned...didn't get to all of it but sure did have a good time.
Miss A completed her rug Hooking project that she started some time ago and has decided that she wants to make it into a "stuffy" so I'll put that together for her.

 We did lots of sewing. Made some practice sheets for them out of paper. Both Miss A and Miss V did great. Then we went on to making fabric headbands as well as a bag that Miss A decided to embellish with felt scraps and buttons. There was also some ironing involved and they did great. After all that a trek over to the pool was enjoyed. Spent a couple of hours there before coming home only to get ready to get back home. Gosh! They are growing so fast...,where does the time go?

Miss V does a great job scrambling eggs...MMMM.

The following day I had my grandson over to spend the night. About a dozen games of Battlebotts playing Fish and a few games of checkers. Wow! I'm tired. The next morning he decided that he'd like to make or help make breakfast. Cracking eggs is his forte. Sausage eggs and english muffins.Mmmm!

Scrambled the eggs and fried up some sausage.
 He loves to cook. Because we got all this snow last night he decided that he'd go out and help Papa clear out. He was a huge help!

As you can see he got the front stairs cleared in a jiffy! He is such a sweetie.....or so I thought until he started a snowball fight with me! Yikes! He has great aim.

Well the kids have all gone back home now and it's time for me to nap!!! Zzz! 

A Bientôt ......Happy New Year and Bonne Année! 


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