Winter Has Arrived!

Yes, as you can see it's here!
Temperatures are in the minus
and the snow is starting to accumulate.
That means it's a great time to 
do some applique embroidery
and finish up last minute gifts.
I've been down and out for the last 10 days.
Good ole fashion head cold 
or sinus infection
whatever it is has had me punky!

"Learn something new every day"
well the other day at my rug hooking group I was sitting with
these 2 lovely ladies that introduced me to 2 new words
or items you could say.
They each had these cute little round containers with a cover with a round hole on top.
What are those?
An Antique Hair Remover.
I've never heard of such a the nearly 50 yrs I've been in the beauty industry.
So I googled them.
Oh my! Now I'm on the hunt for one.
Porcelain one would be nice.
this one looks very much like the one she had.
So the second thing I learned was the word
A hook-like clasp or a chain for suspending keys, trinkets or
scissors worn at a womans waist or lapel.
Also worn around their neck/
Love, love, love them.
So I think I've found a new project.
Hand-made from appliqued  wool or even hooked one.
I like these.

So for those of you reading this blog
did you just learn something new?
I hope you will give me some feedback on these.
Or if you have either, I'd love to see some pictures of them.

Well, enough for now, I hope I have introduced you to something new.
I'd better get back to my knitting or they won't be done for Christmas.

A Bientot!


  1. Hmmm, I don't understand the antique hair remover?? It looks like a snippets jar


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