Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Driveway garden.......???

Hey....I'm back and here to welcome you. I'm thrilled that you're along with me on this journey. At times i feel as though you are my sounding board or that you are my therapist. I can go on with my ranting and it'snot costing me a dime! Gotta love it. Ok so I'm getting a little better at this Covid19 BS. My anxiety level not quite as bad. Still too many questions  and not enough answers. Last week while down on the beach ( for the first time) this woman who is employed by the town to help educate people about rules & regs regarding do's and don'ts came walking past us. My daughter tells me i should apply for that job cause "Mom you love talking to people!" That may be so but i saw No One stopped her to ask questions!!! And I'm not convinced that she has the answers either.  Just walk on by!
Oh wait!!! I think that's a song.
So this top photo is what is called 
Cow manure driveway garden. Yup hubby plants this every year and for some reason this year is growing like crazy...
A few different varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers...those tall things at the end are horse radish. As for MY you go....
yup..1 little grape tomato. Now don't be jealous. Lol.
So about this heat and humidity! I'm about over it. We have been spending lots of time in the "carport " its the only cool place around.

Not a bad place to be! Also spending time in the water as the water temperature has been in the 70's. Tried getting back up on the paddleboard and pretty happy to say i did it! Didn't get on last year because of injuries......don't ask.
Here i am showing off my skills.  Not my board but its a beauty. We are keeping it here for a cousin.
A couple days ago we had an impromptu visit from a couple of very good friends.  Had not seen them since before all this mess. It was such a welcome surprise. Had lots of laughs and walks fown memory lane.
So i will leave you now and say once again how thankful i am for being here. So appreciative. I look forward to your let me know you were here.. 
A Bientot. are a few pictures i'd like for you to identify..
can you nsme this?
Tell me what you think these are.
Good luck!


  1. Hi Donna!!! Your driveway garden always impresses me, can't grow much here because of the deer, but that little alley sure would be great to have, just with a gate at each end! Glad to know you're doing good, we are still plugging away, had carpeting and rugs steam cleaned throughout, getting patio wall repointed, overgrown shrubs pushed the rocks. Little Ryan is growing like a weed, pulling himself to standing up on things. Had a nice clambake with all our kids last weekend. Pulling last loops on BIG rug. Hooking has kept me sane...and flowers. Miss you and think of you so much. ML

  2. Oh, PS. Black and white cookie, marble countertop, and seafoam?

  3. Hi my look great on that SUP, so pretty! Hope you get a few more maters...ha!
    Black & white cookie, wet sand at tide going out & sea foam
    Miss you ❤

  4. Glad you and Mike are doing well and enjoying the ocean. I am so over the humid weather!I don't mind the heat it is that swampy feeling that gets me. My tomatoes are really just starting.
    So I think that is a black and white donut,water marks in the sand and sea foam. It is getting to that time of our star retreat and I am missing you very much!

  5. Nice garden. Lucky you being near the water.

  6. looking good on the board!!! It is called a Half moon...many thing it is a black and white cookie but it is not. It is my favorite dessert and I hope you like it. Its like a mini cake..Lyndells In Somerville MA :) I think the others are awesome design in the sand and seafoam. :)

  7. WOW, fantastic pictures! From these, it looks like you are doing ok. (especially the pink suit on the SUP.)
    My guesses on the pics/ 1: home made half moon for two. 2. Sand Bar. 3. Ice cream melting in the heat. How did I do?
    (and please save me a cutting/root of that horseradish plant. I would love to grow my own!)

  8. Lovely garden. Oh my goodness, to be so close to the water ~ heavenly! Look at those board skills!!! IMPRESSIVE!!! Lovely blog, i'll be back for a visit. hugs, doreen


Driveway garden.......???

Hey....I'm back and here to welcome you. I'm thrilled that you're along with me on this journey. At times i feel as ...