Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Feeling like a Big Girl......

With tea in hand I welcome you all! I sure hope you'll sit for a while
and enjoy your time with me. 
I noticed that my last post earned me 59 readers and new "followers". 
I thank you!
Before I forget again I don't want to leave out the appliqué project I mentioned.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
These are the mug mats I was working on. I enjoyed making them and love the fabric I used for  the backing. I like it so much so that I made a few masks with it as well as other items.
I plan on making a few more mats.
I am on to making this little thread catcher using fabric scraps and a recycled plastic cup that the icing comes in Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Yup! You got it! I don't throw too much away.
No judging!

Can you see the plastic cup? I plan on adding a little embroidery on it and it will have a lid on it. That's what the circles are.
The vase with flowers were from my other half and the bunnies I made a few years ago.
It was a wonderful Easter!
We finally able to visit with my kids and grand kids with lots and lots of hugs.  It was a full house but oh so enjoyable! On Sunday we got to see our daughter and her family. We met Ellie for the first new grand dog is precious. I would have taken her home.
I felt like a " grown-up" venturing out on my own. So happy to have received our 2nd vaccine! 

What's in the oven you ask..
Well I decided to try my hand at whoopee pies. I'm not much of a fan as I think they are too dry.
But this recipe was pretty moist and I used a peanut butter filling. 
I must admit they were pretty tasty.

The next time I make these I will use a smaller scoop. 

Before I end this I just want to thank all of you for  spending your time with me...
I am so grateful for all of you.
A Bientot for now
But I will be back soon.


  1. Congratulations on your new readers and followers. You are quite the thrifty find a use for everything sorta gal for sure. I'd have that cup filled up in a hurry and doubt the top would be on it very long either as it would be taken off and put on many times during the day. Perfect fabric for the back for your applique project by the way.

  2. Your mug mats are so sweet and the backing fabric is perfect!
    Happy you got to spend time with long last :)

  3. I am so glad you got to hug those grands!!!! You are always so crafty moving from one project to another, great mask material!. It does make you feel like a grown up to go out and about lol.

    1. I've finally figured out how to leave a reply that you can actually see!

  4. I am so happy I was a recipient of one of those whoopie pies and OMG they were amazing! I agree that they usually are very dry so I was skeptical but wow these were so yummy! I cannot wait to sample the small ones you will make ;) Loved having drinks with you last weekend :)

  5. I love your little sheep appliqué. I'm glad that you could spend Easter with your loved ones. It's something I miss a lot as we used to have so many family gatherings.

    Your Whoopi Pies looks so delicious. I only made them once and never made them again. Your looks so moist.

    Hugs, Julia


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