Clothesline rope bowls............

Here I am finally. I'm not sure if I've not had anything to blog about or just that it's been too darn hot and humid. I don't remember the heat bothering me as much as it does now. I guess it's my age.....yikes, did I just say that!!! Oh well.
We've been spending lot's of time on the beach and going in the ocean ....the water temperature has been wonderful here in Maine. You can actually go in and swim around without your ankles going numb. Very enjoyable. Also my daughter's been enjoying the beach with us and that's so nice as we geet to enjoy our little buddies. Gosh! they love the beach. Brings back so many fond memories of when my kids were little. Happy thoughts!

Another batch of "Tufa" was made and is still curing. I'll be planting them soon. I've also sold a few that were placed in a little gift shop here. I may just bring over a few more. Where it's been so hot I've opted to do more inside stuff so I made a few coiled clothesline bowls. The first ones I made were for the grandkids back at Easter and they turned out to be Easter Purses to use inplace of Easter they are.

The fabric used to cover the clothesline was the remaining fabric from the quilts I made them. They looked so cute carrying them around. And from what I understand they also use them regularly. I love it. The flowers were also made with left-over fabric.

After that I decided to sew the clothesline without being wrapped in fabric. I love the natural look it gives. So I made up a couple of bowls.

I like the shape of this one....and decided to add the little handles. This project is still in it's early's all trial and error.
So to go along with this I added a set of 6 coasters. I think some cute paper napkins would also be nice.

For this bowl I chose to add a little square not band to make it a little naughtical. This can be used as a chip or pop-corn bowl.

I hope you like them and I get some feedback. Would love to hear what you think.

I guess that'll be all for now as I'm getting a bit tired. I'll try to get some pics of the newest tufa pots.
Hope you all stay cool and till the next post.............................have a good one.


  1. Love the projects. I really like the bowl and coasters. we are finally cool here. I hate the muggies.

  2. Thanks Cathy....yes we're finally having some beautiful weather. I agree with you....I hate the Maggie's as well.

  3. I love those bowls. The nautical one looks perfect for displaying seashells.


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