More clothesline rope bowls n stuff......

Thought I'd be back here a little sooner but time just seems to escape me. I recently visited a new art studio and took a class with a friend. We made "ice resin pendant" and had a great time. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the actual pendants I made but did take some of the studio.
Here she is Miss Lydia....we had a great time and met some real nice people.
Here are some other photos. There are some beautiful "torn paper art" and I think the artist is Wanda Edwards. I think I'd love to try this technique.

Seeds is a great studio and the owner Colleen is very nice....


I'm not sure what's going on with the post here but i can't seem to control how to do a lay-out.
I also want to show you more rope bowl projects.
Here is one that my friend Cheryl made. Love it....I may try making one myself.

Now how cute is this?! Very clever idea. I also like the loop knot at the top.

Placemat and coasters.

This is my latest project. This one will go in my bedroom for whatever I decide to throw in it. Since my room is purple...I think it'll go well.
Gosh I'm tired tonight.....just not been feeling myself these last couple of days. Hope I'm not coming down with something..
I guess that's it for
till we meet again....have a good one!


  1. your post is funky but your pictures are great Love the rope bowls.


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