Fall Felt Wreath...........

I must say  things are progressing quite well with the constuction going on at the "Tiny House". Windows are all in as well as the back slider and front door. I think we made the right choice by adding the slider, it gives a better view of the river. The windows in the bedrooms are a huge improvement. So far so good...not too many surprises and yeah...we're getting close to going "over budget"! hehehe...I think someone knew that was coming!

I received this video today from my neighbor "C"....beautiful. I think you'll be impressed. I hope you enjoy it.

Now speaking of "C" I happened to look out today and something caught my eye. At her door was a new wreath...(she always has the coolest stuff there) that looked like it needed closer inspection. Yup..I went right over and got up close and personal with the wreath. OH My! I loved it! Made of felt and yarn....something right up my alley. So I came home got my IPad and took pictures of it.....that's right! Then proceeded to knock on her door and insisted she tell me how she made it.! Wow! Thanks "C" for adding yet another craft project to my long list....like I don't already have way too much going on as it is. But wait...............................!!!! Look at this wreath.....don't you want to attempt one as well..can't wait to get started.

This afternoon I decided to do some research on these wreaths so I did a Google search
for feltwoolwreaths and found some great ideas. Also did a search on Pinterest for felt flower wreaths Pinterestfeltflowerwreaths . Thanks "C" for the inspiration.
Hopefully in the next post I'll have pictures of my version of these wreaths.
Wish me luck.

It's been nice chatting with you and till the next time... Bon Soire..........


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