Felt flower wreaths.................

Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend is going well. The weather has sure been in our favor here in Maine. I know they predicted rain but can't really complain about this.
Hubby got to finish up his "grunt" work over at the construction site...you know the stuff that the carpenters really don't like to do...like tape all the insulation together round the windows and the rest of the house, and go under the cottage  and cut out all the old pipes and old PVC parts. Yup, he just loves going under there....yuk! that's a crappy job. Yesterday we had a chance to take the boat out of the water....looks like the end of boating season till next summer. I'm not really ready to put the kayak away yet so I think I'll wait a little longer. I know they'll be a few more warm days that I can get out there.

As I mentioned in the last post...that "C" had some new inspiration for me, well I was right. Got right into making some felt flowers. Wow! That was fun. So here's a couple of my finished projects. My version of a felt flower wreath.

Then I wanted more flowers so added some to the rope bowl that I was making as a b-day gift. See what you think.

Let me tell you a little about this gift. The basket (or bowl) is a coiled rope bowl and I've included an oval placemat and a set of 8 coasters. You can see 2 of the coasters under the candle sticks. The felt wool flowers are actually on a felt base so if the recipient want the bowl to be plain she can  remove it. Also 8 napkins & rings. I wrapped the napkins like Carole Shiber does when she matches hers with her "napkin cuffs". Check her out @
www.caroleshiberdesigns.com.. She really has some cool stuff.

On Saturday we went to the local craft show.....didn't buy anything but did get a little more inspiration. Looks like I'll  be making a couple of Nap Mats for American Girl Dolls......! They were so cute and I think the little ones will love them for their babies. I'll be sure to post pictures when they are complete.

That's all for today and so till we meet again.....Bon Jour.
Be sure to give me your input on anything on this blog. I look forward to any suggestions or ideas you may have. Love hearing from you.

Yesterday we


  1. sorry I haven't been here in a bit but great flowers! and a wonderful gift. I have my daughters old american girl doll I hope my little Miss B would like it some day.


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