Construction up-date and more felt flowers......

Well, here I am again. Things have been real busy around here and a little bit crazy. An emotional roller-coaster is what I've been on but now it's slowed down and things couldn't be better. A life changing situation has come upon me and it turned out to be fantastic. I couldn't be happier.....sorry to sound so vague but trust me that it's all good.

Now for the's going great. We had a couple of snags but we seem to be back in the swing of things. The carpenters have completed the outside and the siding is all complete. They will start on framing the windows on the inside as well as doing some sheetrocking and then start on the bathroom. The plumber came today and now we can start on the bathroom....can't wait to see that complete. The roofer also plans on starting tomorrow. Wow! Lot's of traffic around here.

I've been working on a few craft projects. Making one of the "Twinkies" a nap mat. Really cute fabric. It's got cars and trucks on it. Got it at Mardens and he's going to love it. Also made them both some pj bottoms. Felt flowers have become addicting. I've made a bunch of them and decided to add them to my wool felted purse that I knit last winter.

Hope you like my creations and if you do please drop me a line and let me know. I love getting your thoughts and also I just plain like "mail".

So..............................hope to hear from you. Till then..........
                                                    Bon Soire.!


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