Granola and Circle skirt...........................

Now that's quite the title. It's been a bit since I last posted but I can assure you that I've done a lot more that make granola and sew a circle skirt.
As far as cooking goes I've made some "sticky buns"
from a recipe on Pinterest made
with Pillsbury's Grands
MMMMMM! They were so good. Then Hubby decided
that they would be even better if I added
apples to the recipe. So......................
I checked out more recipes and
found some that looked great.
That will be tomorrow's breakfast. There's a method to my madness however.
I figure that if I he has those for breakfast he won't be
too disappointed when I go off tomorrow morning a check out
the craft fairs in the area. might work.
Ok so I also made his favorite

We go through so much of it...I make a huge batch once a month.
But it's yummy....if anyone want the recipe I'd be happy to type it up and have it here.
Just send me a note.
Well, we survived Hurricane Sandy.

The tide came up quite high and stayed that high for about 2 hours
past high tide. But no flooding and no power loss. We were so lucky.
Those living on the beach had a mess with the wind as strong as it was.
A friend of ours had their house literally covered with sand. Couldn't even see
out of the windows. It was awful. But we not ravaged like NY or NJ..
My heart aches for those people.
Sewing sewing sewing.
Now if I could just sit and sew I'd be in my glory.

I fell in love with this cute little skirt on Pinterest.
And then found the tutorial on
and she also linked it to
She gives a great tutorial. She I did as she did and combine
all 3 patterns and came up with this one.
I didn't get to see my little Miss "A"
but sure hope to soon. I think she'll
still like wearing it. She loves to twirl around so this will suit her well.
Gosh, my heart aches..I sure miss those little girls..I hope to see
them soon.

Now construction is still going on but the carpenter is done. We'll be going
in and getting it ready to prime before the painting. The bathroom should be
complete soon. Looking forward to seeing this whole project come to an end!!

Can hardly keep my eyes open tonight so I'll close for now.
Sure would love to see more of you join my list of followers
and love getting comments.

So... till the next time......Adieu! Bon Soire.

ps.....yes, we have gone over budget! Dam.



  1. I wouldn't mind seeing that granola recipe. I've been "trying" to eat healthier. I'm glad you missed the storm damage. The devastation for so many is heartbreaking.

  2. I would like to see that granola recipe too!You are always busy love the skirt so twirly.
    glad you fared the storm not sure how our friends at the beach held up. I am sure they did ok or I would have heard.


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