A bit of a walk down memory lane....

Wow! On Saturday Papa and Mémère got to watch our little guy play basketball. Oh my! That was so much fun. He will be our little JOCK! He is so focused and does a great job dribbling and shooting this brought me right back to when my son played so as you guessed it I was all chocked up and brought me to tears.


Now how stinking cute is he?!


This week I was finally able to complete Miss A's 1st hooked project.  

Now mind you she designed and hooked this all by herself. I gave her the choice of how we could complete it and she chose a "stuffie".

So that's what I did. 

What do you think?

I gave him a scarf and a little bell. We facetime'd the other night so I could show it to her and she screeched with delight. That was a happy girl!!

I was going through my wine stash the other night and what a surprise to find one of my favorite wines. 

And here is my second still down memory lane.
I brought this bottle home from visiting my neice in California.
One of the vineyards we visited and did a tasting at was 
Chateau Montelena!!
If you get the chance check out their web site but better yet if you come across a bottle 
dont hesitate you won't regret it.

Now this is when I must bid you adieu.

The Patriots are about ready to take the field.
Let's hope they get it done.

A Bien  T 


  1. Oh my gosh she did such a great job. And I love the finish too. GO PATS! (I'm not watching though)


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