Snow Day!

Do you remember when we were kids and school was called off for a snow day?
Gosh! The good ole days...
Well nothing has changed...I gave myself a day off today.
That's really because i couldn't have gone out even if I wanted to.
This is my view this morning.....the visibility was non existent.

So it was at this point i decided that these projects should be tackled
So kicking up my feet ( that's right I'm wearing a pair of knit-felted slippers
made by yours truly.) i grabbed a U.F.O

 I have a stash of P.I.G.S down stairs in my hide-away
and its time to get working on some.

Ok...I'll tell you
projects in grocery bags!

 I can't take the credit for that one I stole it from a 
lady in a knitting group on Facebook.

Here is another one of the projects that I started humm some time ago.!!!
Stuck! I'm lost as to what they want me to do next.

  Here is the pattern. If any of you reading this blog have made this tote
I sure would appreciate some guidance.

That's about it for now...
gotta go rest up
I have a damn lot of snow to shovel tomorrow.

A Bientot


  1. It just started snowing here at 8pm but it looks bad. I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow


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