Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Now 3 weeks have passed!

Welcome! So happy you could stop by. Tea time....I hope that being here and reading this blog brings you to a peaceful place and brush your stress away if only for a short time.

Yes 3 weeks has passed and MR is doing amazingly well. His in home PT will come to a close but will head over to the out patient therapy. Like I've said he's walking quite a bit and even venturing out around the house. He has a lot of safe places that he can go to. Oh! He was also able to practice using his stationary bike. Just about time to move the twin bed back up stairs. Quite an accomplishment but not surprising. He's not one to sit idle. He is faithful with his exercises and that is key. Way to go MR! Love you.
Have you been glued to the TV? Since the first word of Queen Elizabeth's passing I can't tear myself sad but what a wonderful long life she's had. Such a gracious queen with love to share. The word reconciliation has surely been mentioned many many times. Here's hoping that she gets her wish for her family. How wonderful to see them all together pulls at my heartstrings. So important to reconcile our differences with those we love and those around us. I say that with a heavy heart ♥. Looking forward for what's the future brings.
 This is a short blog....but I thank you for joining me.
Lot's happening in the upcoming weeks but hope to be back with you soon.
Let me know you we're here.....and love your comments.
A Dieu.....till the next time.


  1. I have been watching it too. I do hope those boys come together again.
    so glad MR is doing well sending a hug.

  2. So glad to hear MR is doing so very well. How fortunate to be able to have in-home pt to begin with... Here, you go to a least most do. I have not watched the royal proceedings...other than blips and burbs...but I do agree (with a heavy heart also) with your observations about reconciliation. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. Am sure that Prince Harry is having a PTSD episode walking in the procession. It would be wonderful if the brothers could reunite but there is still the father, the now King who is part the issue. Wish them well but will wait and see. Glad your Mr is back on his feet.


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