Goodbye 2012........

I don't mind telling you that I for one am not sad to see 2012 head on out. Lot's of tears...and too many lows to mention. There were however some wonderful pleasant surprises that made it worth the while. But revoire a bientot.

Put Santa away for another year. Isn't he just the cutest? He's so old his poor arm doesn't work like it should..can't quite ring the bell like he did.
We did however  get his eyes to light up. This old gent was here when we moved in safely tucked away in his original packageing.
So away went the rest of the decorations...and the hand painted christmas balls.

All the projects were completed in time. I took some pictures of the AG doll furniture for my little one. I think it came out pretty good. She just loved them. Now she wants to keep them up in her room.

Now that the holiday stuff is over I can focus on doing more knitting. I decided that Bitty Baby needed some winter clothes so out came the yarn and needles and here's what developed.

She also has a pair of purple fleece pants with feet and a scarf to match. Just so happens she got whisked off on the weekend. So my needles now hold yarn for a Faire Isle sweater for her.

 This is a pattern I bought from Rosemary's Gift & Yarn Shop in Windham, Me. She's so cute eh? I'm making it in light pink as the MC with White as the CC. Wish me luck
That's it for now and a HUGE Thank You
for helping me out with the kinks in this blog. 
Till we meet again...(sounds like a song my Mom used to sing)
and hopefully it won't be as long.


  1. My Mom used to sign that song too - Now it will be stuck in my head all day. LOL I love the dollhouse furniture. I think that was the only thing I ever wanted as a child and didn't get - a dollhouse. But before you feel sorry for me, I had every other toy imaginable :)

  2. the furniture came out darling. I am nt much of a knitter so I love what you have done.
    Happy New Year to you both


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