What a find...............and some of my WIP on my little wooden needles.


I just love this little picture here. I found it on my FB page...
and it just says it all.
Well after ripping out a wall
and trying to renew old memories
we were able to finally take this chest
out from behind the eves.


It's been there a long time and I think it was put there
before the walls were even done as we had to take the top off
to get it o
ut through a small little hole.

I've been sick since Saturday
and so I've kept yarn on my wooden needles
and working on some of my WIP's.
I found that my Works In Progress Socks were in need of
my attention. So I plan on getting them finished so that
I can get on with another pair.
These are from my favorite sock pattern
and they're
Classic Socks.
Very easy to follow and also give you
lot's of options on ndl size and yarn type.
I bought some Plymouth Encore last year and look forward to turning it into another pair of socks.
Also doing another sweater for Bitty.
After all her wardrobe only consists of 4 handmade diapers
and a few summer dresses. It's cold out there.

My friend JoC is now hooked on her knitting needles.
I taught her to knit a year or so ago.
Really, I hoped it would fill a void.
She had recently lost her husband to an aweful accident.
As soon as she picked up that yarn it was true love.
Her favorite things to make are socks.
Her goal is to have nothing but hand knit socks in her drawer.
She has over made a couple of sweaters.
I suggested that she use
Yankee Knitter Designs
Roll Raglan Pattern.


I got up this morning and decided that I would edit
this blog post.....and voila!
I am able to pull up these pictures.
I should be on a roll...hopefully.

Feeling a lot better....7 days of this crappy feeling and not
getting much accomplished so today
I think I'll try to get some housework done.

Till we meet again.....have a great weekend!



  1. I had to change to google chrome to figure out my problem.
    love your socks they look great I can make slippers and mittens that is it.


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