Some Finished Projects.............knit, knit and more knit

I know it's been a bit since I've been here
but as you'll see
I've been a bit busy.
Started out with yet another
Ladies lunch.
Well, winter is here and some of our friends
will soon be leaving to head south
so one last get-together
was in order.
As you can see
a great time was had by all.
Lot's of laughs
lot's of wine
lot's of fun
and oh yeah!
great food.
Thanks so much goes out to JayC
for hosting this little gathering.
Also got around to completing some of my projects.
My sock are done and started on a new pair.
Now I must confess
the first pair (or top) I'm  not happy with because they don't
hold their shape. And the second pair, the green ones
I'm going to give away as I made them too tight!
What was I thinking!!!
At least the Fairisle sweater and skirt that I made for AG
turned out pretty good. Looks good on
and with her ice skates she's readyto go hit the ice.
With this cold spell here in Maine she may need a headwarmer
and maybe even a pair of leg warmers.hmm..maybe some tiny mittens?! 
We'll see.
It's been great chatting with you tonight and please don't forget
I LOVE MAIL and comments
so please gimme a little.
Till we meet again.....Bon Soire !


  1. what a fun group! your projects are wonderful.I am trying to get a rug going I hope have prime time this weekend.


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