Monday, October 5, 2020

Wait! It's OCTOBER already!!!

Have you been waiting long??! I've been away on search party trying to find my sanity....and I'm not convinced I found it...and here it is October! The air is crisp and the landscape is vibrant in colors of reds yellow gold orange and rust. Shades of greens and browns add to their warmth. I do live on the coast, southern Maine actually, and you don't associate the beaches with Fall colors. However when we glance towards the west we have a gorgeous view of the tops of inland trees. Beautiful sight!
I do like these warm colors...and like working with in the pumpkins that i appliqued and imbroidered...hooked and needle felted.
This is a pumpkin I made with some beautiful velvet.
And also my pocket that is hung on my front door filled with twigs leaves and bittersweet. 
I really enjoyed hooking this. I'm about to start on another applique pattern. 
How about these pumpkins that were hand blown by the son of a dear friend.
Just beautiful wouldn't you say?
I recently read a news letter from a dear friend who owns a hooking studio. She's about to reopen for small classes....want to wish her the best with all that is going on. It is a great read...head on over to her site.
woolen pear. Also our hooking group over at Camp Wool has started up again with a maximum of 6 people. Unfortunately it's not in me yet to chance it not with the increases of the virus. Another Hooking retreat slated for January has been canceled. Things don't seem to be improving too much in fact they're looking pretty dim.
I noticed quite a few are reading this blog and I thank you so much for that. I also enjoy and encourage your comments.
No much to say so A Bientot for now.


  1. I love your pumpkins!!!! You have been busy. I wanted to join a class just to get out but like you I am just not ready yet. Our colors are past now my friend and I hiked today and while still pretty it was dull colors.
    glad to see you post. Oh by the way I got your lovely card thank you so much! It is on the mantel so I can see it everyday.

  2. How did it get to be October? ACK! Life seems to be at a standstill...yet is flying by.
    I love all your pumpkins. Those blown glass ones are too cool!
    I do like your white pumpkin door hanger. I just hooked something similar but my downfall is the finishing part. Hopefully you've inspired me!

  3. Love that hooked pocket! Always thought that blues and purples accented the Autumn colors beautifully!

  4. mention of your new favorite drink? haha Peanut butter whiskey goes perfect with all those pumpkin :)


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