Storm clean-up..............................................

Everywhere you is clean-up day.
This storm has really created a mess for everyone.
Gonna be a chore to get out the front door.
With this amount of snow at the cottage door
I sure hope it melts before the vacationers get here.
Hubby's been out there today since 9:30am and didn't come in till 2:30pm.
He said he'll tackle this tomorrow.
I think we're expecting rain on Tues. so we hope to get
most of this cleared up.
Me? Well I've been staying busy making ruffled skirts
for the girls. The first one is complete and now working on the second.
This is nearly done.
I also have plenty of fabric that I'm thinking I'll make
more skirts with. I like how I can really switch up the colors
and the patterns.
Princess "A" asked me if I could make her a skirt with
the fabric that has the "cupcakes" on it....I sure hope this is
the fabric she's talking about.
I think these combinations are so cute.
Before I say Good Bye...I'd like to thank
those of you that are reading my blog
posting comments.
I so appreciate it.
Until we meet again...........stay warm.


  1. Very cute little skirts. The bright fabrics were just what we need today. Anything but white, right?

  2. Donna, these skirts are adorable and you're amazing!!
    Love ya,

  3. that is a lot of snow. I love the skirts so cute!
    Happy valentines day


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