We found Nemo!......................

For those looking to find Nemo! We now know where he is...right here in Southern Maine....at 6pm this evening with the temps at 14* and roughly 7 inches of snow the weather man is saying the storm has not even started yet. Yikes! Just does not seem right...way too cold for all this snow.
My neighbor and I have this on going "thing" about his snow-plow.
I can always tell if we're expecting a real amount of snow
or if we'll get just a dusting because he won't
put on the plow for just a dusting.
So on Thursday morning I went over and added some warning tape
across the front of it.
That was my way of telling him we don't want this snow
they're predicting.....
so when he got the chance he left me a little note as well.....
I guess it's out of our hands.
So NEMO has arrived.
So since I'm going to be stuck in the house I decided that I'd start
on a couple of ruffle skirts for the girls.
I have some really cute fabric....black, red and white
that have cherries on it.
I really like this fabric. I love the 3 layers together.
I also have this white piece that I think I'll add to the tiers. I have plenty
of all of these prints that I can switch it up and make a couple of them.
I also have some pieces that are pink and have cupcakes
and ice cream cones on  it. Little Miss "A" said she'd like
a skirt made with the cupcake fabric. Humm...that'll be
really cute. I do have a bunch of coordinating fabric.
Thank You so much "Marden's"
I found all of that fabric in Sanford.
The pattern that I'm using is from
She has a great tutorial for this skirt.
I also finished my embroidered cissors case.
That's it for tonight.
Bon Soire and stay warm.
Hope to hear from you!


  1. the wind is blowing but not much snow yet.We are tucked in I hope to hook on my rug if I get off this computer.

  2. I think a lot of us will be crafting through the storm!


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