Yes, today is all about
I had my little Valentine get together on Saturday
and my sweet little grandchildren
were here to celebrate.
I wanted to make it special for them so I got the decorations out
and got them set out.
I had some fun things ready for them.
Lunch was pizza that I formed into hearts and  let them
top their own.
It was a bit messy but they had a great time.
Lots of pepperoni and abundance of cheese!
So how sweet are those pizzas!
Oh yes and they had salad with little heart cucumbers which
they love!
After dinner we made some heart necklaces and
they did such a good job.
Of course they included one for Grammie and one for Memere.
These little people bring so much joy to my life
I can't get enough of them!
And now for the other Sweet thing!
I now know that I did see it before on my girl Cathy's blog
but didn't know what it was.
Boy I sure do now and Love it!
If you're not familiar with it be sure to check it out on line.
The directions are
1 box of DH Angel Food Cake
1 box of any other cake mix
(I used Triple Chocolate Decadent Cake)
it also contained a pkg of fudge mix.
You mix both boxes of cake mixes together in a large bowl or plastic bag
then you take 3 tbs. of dry cake mix
2 tbs of water and mix thoroughly in a small ramekin or mug
and microwave for 1 min.
Soo good.
Because the other cake mix I used had some fudge mix with it
I added a teaspoon to the cake.
I didn't mix it or anything I just dropped it in there.
It was so good and gooey.
Can't wait to try this again.
I sure hope I explained it ok.
Just drop me a line if you didn't get it.
Now I'm also a real fan of Nutella
so I'll bet a spoonful of that would be scrumptious.
Well that's it for all the sweets for today.
Hope everyone is staying warm and getting your craft on!
Till we meet again....
Bon Soire  
A Bientot..... 



  1. What a sweet party for those grand babies. I know how you feel I can't get enough of our little one.
    That cake is the best I just love it a great treat. I have never had nutella I guess I will have to give it a try.
    love your new back ground.

  2. What fun!! I so love that you're my cousin but gosh, I wish you were my Memere :) You have some very lucky grandbabies!!
    Love you,

  3. Your little Valentine party looks wonderful. You made a great day for the little ones :)

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  5. Looks like you are having a blast. The cake looks yummy - after Lent :)


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