Bags........................and Wool!

Here I am back again and still not feeling myself. This cold/flu has really taken its tole on me. Been way too long now. Even resorted to a Hot Toddy last night. mmmm. Not too bad so I might just have another tonight.
I have completed a couple of items thought.
The bags for the twins are done.

The one for my little Buddy is showing the front and the back.
I plan on using these for their Valentine gifts. The other Grands already got theirs
and they use them for school. Of course Little Miss "V" has already
been in a little trouble because she snuck some candy in hers and brought it to school.
That's too funny....gotta love her!
My friend JoyC brought me some wool pants that were her husbands
so I could cut them up and make winter bermudas out of them. The wool is perfect.
When I started cutting them apart I decided to make a "wrist let" for her
out of part of the leg. I think it came out well.
The pants were actually kind of cool. They had these buckles on the belt band
and they also had the buttons on the inside of the belt band for suspenders.
I loved that about them. Also they were Ralph Lauren.
I decided to use the buckle for the front and I also added the small "Polo"
buttons to the inside pocket.
It was a total surprise for her and she was so touched by it....she will
have such great memories when she carries it,
I so enjoyed doing that for her.
Today I went over to the open house at
as they moved location. I'm adding this flyer for you to see
and sure hope you can read it.
For you wool lovers and Hookers or Needlework enthusiasts
You have to check this out. She has an amazing amount of inventory not
to mention the fabulous amount of wool. OMG! I could have spent the day.
I did buy a needlework kit that I believe I can get a lot of "mileage" from it's design.
As if I need another project!!! It could be worse I suppose...I could
decide to start hooking!!! oh no no no.
Can't wait to go back.
This kit is Birds& Brain Designs
That's it for today and I really enjoyed spending this time with you..
I hope you enjoyed it as well.
Might be time for my Hot Toddy and the football game...almost
time for Half Time.
Until we meet again......Bon Soire!

PS.....don't forget....I love mail and comments.


  1. I so want to get to the new store. I have been to her old one and it was wonderful. I love your litte purses a great way to use those pants.


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