Happy Father's Day.....

     Still trying to recover from the weekend that was very busy but sooo nice. Started out by celebrating the 2nd birthday of my favorite "little Munchkins". The party went so well and got to see some good friends. Also loved watching the kids interact with new friends and little cousins. My daughter is simply amazing...how she finds the time to fit everything in her very busy life. She and Hubby do such a great job. After the party my son and his family came back to spend the rest of the weekend with us. It was a great Fathers Day for both Son & Dad. This picture says it all.
We got to take them all out in the boat for a boat ride. The girls were very hesitant at first but they did it. They loved the ride and the littlest one wanted the drive the boat with her Papa. What fun! 

We had a great weekend.
Now is the time to get back to work. hehehe. Making Tufa pots again. We went off today to buy the products for our next projects...looking forward to making more. Have a whole bunch of new ideas. So hopefully in my next post I'll have new pictures.

I'd also like to thank all you followers and hope you stick around. I look forward to checking out all your blogs as well. Hope to make some new friends.

Have a great day................till the next time. :-)


  1. What a great looking family! Looks like fun and there is nothing better than grand kids.

  2. Thank you so much Cathy. We had such a great weekend and spending time with the grandchildren is always special. They bring such joy to our lives.
    Thanks again for sending along some of your bloggers....much appreciated. They are so nice.


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