That's right, the sun came out today. What a welcomed sight. And I lied before, we again had a high tide last night and will again tonight. The yard had to be raked to remove all the sea grass and crabs off the lawn and then had to water it. Yes, that's right. Anything to flush out all the salt water. Hope it works.
So while the sun was out I took that opportunity to get some of the tufa's ready to give away. Planted some and just cleaned the others. Jenn's heart birdbath is ready for pick-up as well as the 2 bag pots.
The tufa on the left is the one that had to be "repaired" so we checked with and low and behold found that adding a little Elmer's white glue or Wood Glue to your recipe. Yippee! It worked.

After that was done I decided to drop off a bag of unused clothes to the local thrift shop and did a little shopping. I found the cutest miniature "garden seat" that I had to have. For $1 who could pass this up.
From there off I went to Jo-Anne's Garden Center. I wanted something to plant in my hanging plater bags. Not sure if that's what you call them. Anyhow here they are. Expecting a little more rain tonight so no need to water them now. I've never done these before so looking forward seeing how they progress.
That's it for now...........Later.


  1. I am your first follower yeah. I have never done the planter bags either. we had sun today so I am praying it continues. I still love your pots.
    would you mind if I said something on my blog to get them here?
    thrift store you are talking my language.

    1. Cathy I am thrilled to have you as my first follower and yes please mention this in your blog. I wanted to email you ...hope your trip to Boston yesterday went well. Please email me.


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