Tufa fountain.........

Wow! How hot was it this week! I think as I get older the heat and humidity bother me more and more. But today after the thunder storm that came through it turned a little more comfortable. Much better.
This past week we finally got out there and picked up all our products for our next Tufa pots. But we didn't get around to makeing them as we spend too much time fiddling around going to local garden centers. But the following day we got right on the job.
This time we bought Portland Cement without any sand or aggragate. That's really what the original recipe calls for at TheArtisticGardener theartisticgardener . We liked the way it seemed to be a lot more workable. Pictures of this new batch will be coming up soon. They are still in the curing phase right now but hope to get some shots of them tomorrow. Might even have some "planted"...who knows.
Because I don't have pictures I thought I would post a pic of the new project that Cheryl worked on. She made a Tufa fountain....that's right....very creative.
So how cute is this? That's the water shooting out at the top. She also added the bird at the top. Very clever isn't she?

This is all for tonight..hope to get some pictures for you tomorrow....
So until then......................


  1. that is cute. the heat has been awful but it is cool and nice in the mountains now.
    can't wait to see more.


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